Friday, July 28, 2006

rider in the storm

Today I came home about 5pm. It was rainy and windy, because the remnant of Hurricane Daniel hit the islands. In addition to the wind and the rain, the storm brought some decently sized windswell that allowed me to score an unexpected fun session at Hookipa.
I rigged my 4.7 in the rain and I got in the water at 5.30, only sailor out in the company of a bunch of brave surfers (Michelle among those).
This first picture (thanks to Sharon that quickly stopped by), shows the sail that used to belong to my friend Bob, who died recently at 77. If I didn't look for that sail at the shop (Bob had just trated it in for a new one), now I would not be thinking about him. Hence, I think it was a good idea.
Thanks to the guys at Hot Sails for letting me have it and thanks to Bob's wife, Hanna, that doesn't mind if I use it.

It was stormy out there...

But there were some waves!

A little chop hop. I could have thrown a forward loop instead... if I only knew how to do that!

Little surprise at the end. I just got this short video of today's session. It shows, again, how stormy it was. It also shows some remarkable windswell.

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dumbass said...

I was thinking (in the rare moment that I was able to stop paddling up wind in an attempt to maintain position at Ho'okipa - and not Kanaha .... "why don't I follow my own advice sometimes??" because if I did today, I would have been scoring some windsurfing waves of my own!!!

cammar said...

You probably thought that your windsurf board was too small to handle the lulls (and you were actually right). So, my advice is: get a floaty wave windsurf board. Floatier than Ulli's. Winter is coming up.

Anonymous said...

who's idea was it to honor bob's sail with "bob 77?" was it already on the sail before bob passed?

very touching that bob can sail with you through his sail.

miss you bob!

cammar said...

I put it on that sail. Actually I put it on my 5.5 too, even if that one didn't belong to Bob.
It's like my sail number now. Not that I plan to do any contests and I need one...
it's just a reminder to always... have a good time!

Love you Bob!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering Bob with all of us.