Saturday, July 22, 2006

canoe contest video

This thing took me forever and I'm not happy at all with the result. But since I don't want to waste any more of my precious time on it, here it is the way it is:
Warning, it's about 13 minutes long, but on my computer it loads instantly. Please leave comments with your loading time related to your connection speed. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Nice video. It took about seven or eight seconds to load on my cable internet connection. It looks like you put a lot of work into the editing. Good job.

cammar said...

Thanks. That's what happened. The first version was 213Mb and that's too much for the free video hosting of vmix. So I had to cut/eliminate a few clips to go under 200Mb. I did so, but the stupid Windows Movie Maker didn't automatically move the titles I edited. So, for example, now "the judges loved this" appears when a canoe capsizes, while originally it appeared when a girl took her shirt off (later on in the video). I didn't figure out how to drag the title to the right place, so I just left it there.
Windows Movie Maker: no good.
More comments on the loading time, please. I have the feeling that it's going to be pretty quick to watch no matter the connection speed, but feedbacks are welcome.

Lim said...

I'm not sure you meant just loading the video and skin or the loading during Play mode. Loading of the video and skin was very quick on my computer. Without disrespect to your work, I did find the loading during Play mode disruptive and a bit long, I didn't see the whole video, sorry.