Sunday, October 15, 2006

9th day of rest...

...almost ready to get back in action, though!

Here is a video (4'08") of windsurfing at Hookipa on 10 14 06. Let me spend a few words again about the process of selecting the soundtrack. First, I stick all the little clips together (and eventually edit them), and then I check the lenght of the resulting video. Then I go on Windows Media Player and search for the songs of that lenght. I usually get around 10 titles or so (out of a total 3646) to choose from. This time, the winner was an italian band. Check it out.

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Hereafter we have some photos of today (10 15) at Lanes. The wind was Kona (from the left) and those are quite tricky conditions. I heard that Graham Ezzy injured his foot in an aerial a little out of control.
Talking about aerials, here's a bunch! But let's start the show with a not particularly easy goiter.

Wow, those guys were flying! Here's a couple of shots of a big set.

Other people were doing other sports. Here's a surfer.

And here's a kitesurfer on a strapped surfboard.

That's all folks!


Lim said...

GREAT PHOTOS! I actually missed the windsurfing shots! Happy to see them again.
: )

dollyna said...

Ciao, spero tutto bene da te, ho visto al TG che c'è stata qualceh scossa di terremoto alle Hawaii, Maui e Honolulu...tutto OK???
Splendido video e foto fantastiche. Io no faccio surf, mai provato, ma vedere queste foto e filmati è fantastico!

Anonymous said...

You have a great eye for the photos GP! Keep em coming,


cammar said...

Thank you guys.

Two words about the earthquake in Maui. In my opinion it was minor, even though they said it was about 6.5.
They must have changed the measurements units, since the one that hit Irpinia (east of Napoli) in 1980 was 7 and killed almost 3,000 people. I experienced that one too and there was a huge difference. Maybe also because I was on the 5th floor of a 6 floors building...
Anyway, all is fine in Maui.
Today (Monday) it rains. Good, the plants needed it.

Pascal said...


nice shots - it was so much fun out there yesterday - I've been waiting since January to get some Port tack sailing in.



dollyna said...

felice di sentire che tutto procede bene, pioggia inclusa. pare che arrivi anche qui fra poco, io me ne vado a NY per qualche settimana però.
A presto.

cammar said...

Hey Pascal,

if you are the Swiss guy with the dreadlocks and the Goya sails, I got plenty shots of you. I burned a cd and it's in my car. I'll give it to you next time I see you.
I love the Kona wind too. I hope we'll have some good days this winter.

Dollyna, have fun in NY. Portati il cappottino...

pascal said...

Hi Giampaolo,

yes, I am that Swiss guy - can't wait to see the cd, mahalo nui loa!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

awesome pictures, even better video. you really do have the dream life and whats even better is that you're grateful for it every day. nice blog, keep it up.

meesh said...

you must be better and on the water cause no more one post brah!!