Friday, October 06, 2006

The best snorkeling session ever

Yesterday was a hot, windless, sunny day in Maui.
After having surfed some fun small waves at Hookipa, I decided to try my little underwater camera in a snorkeling session. When I got in the water, I was a little skeptical and I would have never imagined I was going to see (and film) that much. It was like a crescendo of meeting water creatures.
After the first director's cut, the little video is only 68 seconds long, and I would like to add a few more clips. With some colorful fish, for example, that were aboundant yesterday, but I couldn't really get good shots of them.
But now the surf is up again and who knows when I'm gonna go snorkeling again... Let's call it a work-in-progress.
No colorful fish, what did I film, then?
Take a look...

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After I edited the movie, I remembered that actually that manta rey didn't really look like a manta rey. It had a kind of a beak and it looked like a sea monster. Nah, that wasn't a manta rey.
I went on the internet and I found out that that was actually an eagle rey.
Here's a proper photo of the animal.

And here's a photo I took of the one I met. See the beak?
Anyway, that thing was really scary looking, but still extremely beautiful.
Play the pause button of the movie and try to catch it when she (let's assume it was a she) flaps her wings. Check the dots on the back. Isn't she a beauty even with that big nose? It remembers me of someone I know...

Looks like someone wrote something on the reef...

Somoeone lost some weight. Isn't it what most people is trying to do? I hope that fisherman thought about this joke to cheer himself up...
Anyway, I collected it and gave it to an old local fisherman on the beach and he was pretty stoked. His truck showed he didn't sail in gold (literal translation of an Italian saying to indicate someone poor).

This is Sean in one of those nice overexposed shot.

And this is a hot surfer chick (like this definition, Eva?).

Aloha everybody.


dollyna said...

Che meraviglia quel video...a parte la murena (era una murena???)
Le tartarughe, la manta/mostro bellissima (sono certa che fosse una lei!) e la splendida musica di sottofondo, per finire con la bella Eva.
Molto "hang loose"!

Sharon said...

Just packed my mask & fins....I'm heading to the water right now!

Lim said...

Nice background music, nice video. Manta Ray is soooo beautiful...

cammar said...

Thanks everybody for the comments.
Lim, the music is from my favorite Hawaiian composer.
His name is Makana and you can find his CDs on The one the song of the video is from is:
Ki Ho'alu: Journey of Hawaiian Slack Key
$16 new or $6.49 used. I strongly recommend it to evreybody out there.

cammar said...

Ops, wrong!
It's from a compilation called The HPR collection - Music from across the hawaiian islands, which is pretty damn good too!
Buy both!

Anonymous said...

Less snorkling and more hot surfer chicks please....

Great video G-man!

Maui said...

Grande Cammar! Ogni giorno questo tuo blog รจ un momento dolce per ricordare il mio viaggio a maui di un anno fa. Ti invidio, sai? Per il coraggio che hai avuto di mollare tutto e di afferrare il nuovo...Beato te!

Lim said...

Hey Cammar, just gathered from Ulli's blog that you're nursing a bruised kidney... Get well SOON.