Tuesday, October 31, 2006

good energy

No pictures today, only words. Words of happiness though, so maybe worth to read.

I just had a great day in the ocean. I surfed from 9 to 11 and I sailed pretty much continously from 12 to 4. I had an incredible energy and I did some really good stuff. Part of it is for sure thanks to the good sleep and to the healthy food I eat.
But part of it is also thanks to the smiles that I gave and received today.
And the appreciation for this blog really gets me going.
This morning I met a guy called Bob at the coffee shop.
"Are you the blog guy?", he said. "I really like your blog!"
Then a girl called Kristen shouted while sailing at Kanaha:"are you the blogger? I love those pictures!"
And then the Mass windsurfer left a comment on the previous blog.

Thank you guys, I'm glad you like it. I do too...

Here, check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4
It's contagiuos. Tell me if you were able to see it without a little tear. It has been seen more than 4 million times on youtube. If it gets to 4 billion, there'll be no more wars in this world.
Thanks to Lela for spreading the word. You may wonna check her blog too: http://galacticwhitewizard.zaadz.com/

Love and peace is better than hate and war. Way better.
Come on you guys, we can make this world better. Let's start smiling to each other. Trust me, at least your world will get better...


nico said...

another great post GP.
Checked the video, and discovered again that simple things are the best ones..
thanks for sharing it
nico from italy
ps: a hug to you

Anonymous said...

This was all done in Sydney Australia, a true story, this guy was just giving everyone free hugs and got told to stop! Anyway the bands lead singer decided to do a mini doco on it and look where it is now....how many hits???? You are right GP does bring a tear to your eye! peace!


cammar said...

Nico, thanks for the hug. Back to all italians... even Berlusconi! No, wait. That's a bit much...

Lano, respect to that guy! Next time I see you at Hookipa, I'll hug you. Put a nice perfume on...

Robin said...

Well hugs all around from the Netherlands, had seen it before but wouldn t the world be a better place?

Since you share us your waves on Maui, I thought to show you what we got today. A mate (Jan) went sailing today on IJmuiden. It was full on (he wrecked his 3.3) and not really paradise (though to some people it is):


Tempting to swap? ;o)

Robin said...

Bugger that didn't work, so here for the peeps who like to cut and paste, the endings of the url's (starting after the questionmark):


Soory for making a mess.

cammar said...

Robin, pretty impressive photos.
If I called messy the conditions of the last north swell in Maui... what should I call that??
Big respect to you and all the sailors that sail in those tough and cold conditions.
I'm sure it's paradise for you guys (it's all relative), but honestly I'm not really tempted to swap...
I don't think that Laird would have made it out there...

Anonymous said...

'Eau de Lano'....you are onto something


Lim said...

As they say, What goes round comes round... You receive good energy because you put it out there! BTW, Big hug for you,
cheers, mate.