Wednesday, October 11, 2006


What is this guy trying to do? Try to stand up on a surfboard under the famous Hookipa beach park 12 foot waterfall? He's weird...

By the way, don't be disappointed if you come to Hookipa and don't see the waterfall... it's not always there. Check the forecast first...

Today just like yesterday. Actually better, because a lot less people out.
Looks like there will be tons of waves and light southeasterly wind for quite a while.
Unfortunately around Tuesday 17th the wind should turn onshore and and mess up the clean conditions. I know it's a week from now, but that's when I should be able to return in the water! Oh well, maybe the models are wrong about that...

Here's a little piece of poetry a friend texted me this morning:

lost in thoughts
chasing shadows
loosing sorrows
seeking balance
sliding barrels
breaking free
peace and surf

I like it. We surfers are simple souls... Ciao.


Anonymous said...

Thats gonna hurt eh?


meesh said...

great pic! I believe (from the whip lash I am experiencing), that I was attempting to duck dive this pounding waterfall!!!