Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jacquline needs help

...worked all night on editing the downwind canoe video only to find out that dropshots had cut out the end...
bummer... I decided it was time to go to sleep... check my email before that... bad news:

Hello Everyone,

A well known and loved family in our community needs your support.

Vince and Annette Steves' 6-year-old daughter Jacquline was diagnosed with bone cancer, a rare but aggressive form of cancer. Her condition requires immediate and long-term treatment at Kapi'olani Children's Hospital on Oahu. Treatment at a specialized facility on the mainland may be necessary.

Vince is a fire fighter and plumber (North Shore Plumbing). Annette repairs windsurfing sails and kites out of their home in Haiku and is well known in the windsurfing and horse community. Both have lived on Maui for many years and some of you may know them as members of the Maui Country Club. Their older daughter Dominique is almost 9 years old and goes to Haiku Elementary School.

This is how you can help:
Let us know if you have a jogging stroller or know of a place that sells one on Maui, so Annette will be able to take Jacquline on walks later. Money is tight. Not only are there expenses neither their insurance company, nor any other institution will cover, the family also has to deal with loss of income due to their frequent trips to Oahu. And, firefighters don't come home at night like the rest of us. You can make donations to "Jacquline's Cancer Fund" at any Bank of Hawaii location. (Please note: correct spelling is Jacquline). Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

For more information, support forum and guestbook, please visit If you have any suggestions on how else we can help please email me at or send an email to Annette's close friend: Uli Montague. Her address is

We will also try to organize a fundraiser for Jacquline and her family soon. Stay tuned!

Aloha and Mahalo,


This is definitely not the post I had in mind...
Good luck Jacquline!


Sharon said...

I'm really glad you posted this. Vince has been my plumber for years & last time I needed him he was late as there was a swell.....!

The link doesn't work-but I'll contact them by other means and donate.

cammar said...

Thanks, the link works now.
I know Annette instead. If they make a statistic of who's the first windsurfer to get in the water at Hookipa she wins easy...
She always has the kids to pick up from school at 2...