Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pretty cool stuff

Here's what's happening.

Thanks to my new amazing Digital HERO 3 camera, I'm shooting more than I can edit...
Today, thanks to my umpteenth (first time ever I use this word...) injury (got stuck with a foot in the footstrap and tweaked knee and foot... not too bad, could be worse...), today I found some time to edit some videos.
Still got plenty photos to go through (like the ones of the 4 20 party at Kuau beach for example...hang on, you guys...).

Let's start the show with the first video.
If you can't see it here, try here.

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Here's a photo of the top of the mast mount that I engineered out of a broken boom head... The mount on a vario top sail is pretty straight forward... Here's Monica's 4.2 that I used at the very start of the movie.

But my Superfreaks are not vario top, so I had to come up with a different system. With the help of Glenn and Tom of Hot Sails Maui, I attached it to a piece of batten that is linked to the top of the mast and comes out of the mast sleeve. Here's how it looks on Glenn's Fire. And that's good news because it also means that I got some footage of Glenn... stay tuned for some serious wave sailing action...

I have to confess that the result of this experiment was way beyond my expectations. I really like the vision from above, even though it's amazing how much it flattens the waves. Believe it or not, the waves in the above video are mostly head high (even though in the last section they often go down to waist high) and I remember for sure also a couple of almost logo high ones... you just can't really see the difference, can you?
I guess it's because even though I go up and down on the wave face, the distance between the camera and the water underneath doesn't change... it's always the whole mast...

This, instead, is another video that i shot at Hookipa with the camera mounted on my helmet. As you can see, it's quite a different perspective. I don't particularly like it for wave riding, because when I ride a wave, I have to constantly turn my head all around to check what the wave is doing and what the other sailors I'm sharing the wave with (specially at Kanaha) are doing... But you guys will let me know which one you prefer...
If you can't see it here, try here.

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Also, I'd really appreciate a feedback on the quality of the videos and on the speed of the download from dropshots.
Here and here, you can find the two videos of above in a slightly better resolution (still way less than the original one). If you guys have 10 more minutes, I'd like to know if you can appreciate any difference at all and if the streaming was uninterrupted.



Robin said...

Now that was a nice way to jumpstart my day! Cool vids G.P. Especially in the Kanaha vid it is also fun to watch how the sail behaves (stretch/flattening) once you get fed up with the action hero ;-)

Concerning the 'higher quality vids'. I wouldn't bother if I were you. Since we (the viewers) haven't seen the original vids (and therefore not notice the loss in quality), these are pretty o.k. to watch quality wise.

You better start practicing those pee jibes again seems you have a problem nailing them.

Over here, nice and warm. No wind no waves (maybe Friday).

Lano said...

You are too hard on yourself GP, both of those vids were great. Loved the Kanaha action, some nice sliding of the tail action going on there and as for the 'Kook at Hookipa', at least you were out there having fun!

*Although not sure about your timing with the sets getting out! hahaha!

I want GOPRO and Superfreak now - oh and Quatro board while youre at it! :)

beber&toutoune said...

i think i prefere the last one, with the helmet because i had the feeling of "being" outhere ... very amazing. keep going with these videos it's super...freak !

elysurf said...

Hey Giampaolo,

I like the mast mounted POV, the only problem is that it gets boring very quickly and you really don't understand the action of waveriding from that point of view. I think it's a great idea to have that shot supplementing a helmet cam or boom cam POV or both (and board mounted camera, too?). And the nice thing about it would be that the helmet or boom POV camera wouldn't see the mast POV camera. I guess what I'm trying to say is your really need two or three of those cameras all running at the same time to really make an interesting video. The only problem with that is that it would be a bitch to edit unless you use time code to sync the shots!

The helmet POV video is more interesting, but it's getting old for me since I have a lot of footage like that myself (with more successful jibing and tacking ;-). With my camera though the lens has a wider angle of view so its a little more interesting. Here would be the ideal for me--a pro rider at Jaws with a mast, helmet or boom mounted camera, board mounted camera and a camera from the bluff--now we're talking! I was trying to get my friend Dustin to consider it, but he lives on the big island now. When I come back in June let's put our heads together and come up with some really neat stuff. I also have an articulated arm that can be mounted to the boom for a nice POV looking back at the sailor. Let's put that one to use, too!

miguel said...

Hi Giampaolo,
I have come across your blog a couple of months ago, and since then I have been a coming everyday. Great blog and tremendous footages. Being a windsurfer in cold Scotland looking at those pictures and movies make me think what a hell am I doing here. Should pack my stuff and move somewhere warmer.
Keep up with the good work

Bill said...

Great video! Many laughs and made me feel like I was back there! I loved the helmet cam ride, and the spills you had! Looked like sooo much fun!

Stuck at Lake Atlantic here on the east coast in Hatteras!

PeconicPuffin said...

Love the video, particularly the narration! I know that when I go out with a camera strapped to my helmet or boom or whatever, I become self concious, and definately fall more. I want to try the mast mount...thanks for posting the photos of how you have it set up.

cammar said...

Hehe... I knew I was gonna hit the windsurfers...

Thanks everybody for the feedbacks.
Still, I'd like to know if you guys prefer the high or low resolution videos. I don't know the connection speeds around the world and not everybody probably have a broadband one, so I tend to lean towards the low res... also because the difference seems to be minor...

NiclasC said...

Giampaolo, thanks for the lauhs! I recognize myself in you - the way you've edited the vids and your comments! Hilarious!

I don't see any difference between your vids. I think it's mainly to do with the small size they are in pixels and maybe any compression that Dropshot themselves do when uploading.

I have no trouble streaming any of them to Sweden (transatlantic internet connection, with 8Mbps local connection).

What I would LIKE you to do however, is to take detailed images of your helmet and non-variotop mast mounts together with some manufacturing/assembly instructions! Both offer excellent shots and should be combined in one vid together with some land shots, that be really variating and cool.

Benjamin said...

Hi Giampaolo, thanks for the cool videos. The hookipa one made me laugh! The photo showing the "fire" sail is sweet. When will that sail be released, any idea?

cammar said...


I will do a post with some more detailed instruction.
I'm gonna do even more.
Right now I'm putting the camera just about everywhere. Then I will collect a short sequence from each angle and show it on the blog, so that you can have an idea of the different POVs...
Just gimme a little time.
And remind me if I forget!


not sure. Go to the forum of HSM for that.

Rambo said...

GP, just received my Gopro and setting up with 2Gig card.

About your 2 resolutions - either look fine for streaming in small window sizes, but if you want to offer a hi-res choice for some people in the original format (ie - mov,wmv,etc)but small size, upload to http://blip.tv/. With them, you have the choice of offering the original format and the flash conversion and the you only need upload once. As you know flash conversion effects quality but enables more people to play it.

Thanks for your ideas on mounts and such, i'm about to record a whole lotta fun.

Let me know if you have trouble, the conversion choices are in the preferences menu.

Cheers Rambo