Monday, April 30, 2007


List of costs I had/will have (to post the stuff I post):

- new laptop with an SD card reader
- bunch of SD cards to be able to shoot hours of videos at the beach so that you guys won't miss a thing
- bunch of rechargeable batteries
- various items at ACE hardware to build the different camera mounts
- monthly subscription to dropshots to host photos/videos

That's why I just added a little PayPal button on the right so that, if and when you feel like, you can support this website. If you feel like doing a money transfer instead, email me and I will email you my bank account information.
1,10,100,1000, a million dollars... it's all welcome and appreciated. And when you'll have made up your mind, please give half of that amount to Unicef (or to the homeless people of your town)... there's a new link for that too.
And don't forget to forward the address of this blog to all your friends!

Thank you!

I just changed the number of posts of the main page to 20. Please let me know if it loads faster.

Hereafter just a couple of shots of the latest camera mount I experimented yesterday.

Notice the second camera on top of the mast... that means that when I will edit the clips I will try to mix the shots from the front to the ones from the top...
I don't think I'll have the time to do that before I leave for Italy, though.
Here's my plan: shoot as much as I can before I leave and then edit it over there, since I'll have plenty time...
I hope I'll find a internet cafe with a fast wireless connection... (one more cost to cover!), so that I can post the videos from there.

In the meantime, here's a couple of snapshots from the video clips to give you an idea of what you can expect.
This is Jeff Henderson, Hot Sails Maui founder, who is very impressed by the videos and photos of the magic little GoPro camera.

And this is me after having cut that piece of boom that was on the way (and was quite sketchy indeed... ).

And this is Jeff's dog Patch, who likes to lick the duct tape!
This photo was taken in photo mode: 2048x1536 (or the other way around, since I flipped it 90 degrees).

Lastly, as requested, here are a couple of more photos of the mast mount.

The batten is attached to the mast with two hose clamps. It goes through the mast sleeve of my 5.5 and 5.0. It doesn't go through the one of the 4.5... Let me know if you came up with a thinner attachment...


meesh said...

GP whilst you are out having fun all day, we are working to earn money to live! You should try it sometime if you need $$. Happy to donate to Unicef, but not to "GP at the beach, whist I work everyday" fund..... I'm gonna keep that part to take my ass to the beach after a long day in the office.

cammar said...

Dear Meesh,

you don't have to donate me if you don't feel like! And, if you feel like donating Unicef, I'm just as happy!

wally said...

I'm glad you cut the end of the boom off! You could of put an eye out with that thing.

We would have started calling you the Italian pirate after you went to the doc for your new eye patch.

Then you'd only be able to go down the line in one direction.

Aaaarrrrrr matey .....

Rambo said...
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Rambo said...

GP, here is another way to "fund" the site. Download the video and watch it on your flight to Italy.

Cheers Rambo

Cresus said...

GP, I've sent you a small donation, as a token of appreciation for your dedication and for the high-guality entertainment that you provide. If every one of the other readers of this blog sends the same amount as I did, you'll be rich (richer?). Good luck.

Cresus said...

I've come back to add another comment - now that I've paid, I can put my mouth where my money is. Whatever happened to the simple and soulful style of this blog in its early days, when it was not so much about GP and his great collection of expensive toys, and more about surfing and windsurfing in Maui? Things change, blogs are by nature personal, yada yada yada. There was something pure, simple, and refreshing about the old days...

cammar said...

Wally, it actually looked sketchier that it really was...

Rambo, thanks a lot... lots to learn. Great canoe making out of a koa tree video on your website.

Cresus, thanks a lot. If your initials are F.S., I received the payment. You'll be remembered as the first one to contribute to this website. Eventually, also the only one... :-)

As for the early days: I think that my blog has always been pretty much about me... The expensive (?) toys only help me to:
- do more stuff in the water
- document it and bring it to you guys
In other words, I hear you, but I don't know what to do... I blog with the same passion and spirit now as I did three years ago.
Prolly it's like the first CDs of your favorite band... they always sound better than the new ones. Porcupine Tree is my personal example...

NiclasC said...

Giampaolo, try using free services like Flickr, YouTube, Google Video etc.


NiclasC said...

btw mate, could you add a few more shots of the actual camera mount? from the opposite side, the top and some closeups. Puleeeze!! :)

cammar said...

Niclas, all the free video hosting sites have limitation in the duration/size of the videos. If you know one without limitations, let me know.
Drop me an email, and I'll send you more shots.

meesh said...

i watched blood diamond last night. sorry to say that I get my current events knowledge from hollywood. anyway, i went back and donated my half aswell (so i get to the beach 2 hours later but someone else can eat for a few weeks), there are so many people in situations that need our help. it is good that you remind us to donate to "charities" on this blog.

chris said...

Hi Cammar,

'right, if I can make some more money than last month in bloodybelgium ( still have to pay the rent!), I'm gonna donate 10 bucks for saving a lot of money that I used to spend in surfmags, cracking you up with my Italian...and to support your talent and lifestyle, of course. I do not have credit card, wanted to order things in the glory Netherlands by Paypall... in Belgium only possible with credit card, my lovely bank lady said! Please let me know about other money tranfer possibilities.
Also gonna donate 10 bucks on charity, although I think it shouldn't be people that are offered 2,5 workdays a week by a bloody idiot economy in Hellgiumto donate, but the asses that caused the situations Unicef's homepage is reporting about!!!
At least wind is back here since a week, after a April without rain and wind, what the f@#$*!?
Your comment page is newly in dutch, that's cool!


PeconicPuffin said...

I like the use of the batten through the top of the luff sleeve. I've been experimenting with external clamps only, but I think I'll have to explore your technique.