Monday, July 30, 2007

fish video

Okey, okey...

even if the camera on top of the mast wasn't aiming at the proper spot, I edited the clip anyway. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the turns you can achieve with that fish of Brian.
It actually doesn't, really... a front shot from the beach would have been much better, but... better than nothing!
Check those couple of jibes, if anything...

Here are the results of the Molokai Oahu paddling race. And here's a couple of photos of the amazing winner Jaime Mitchell.
A wonderful action one,

and one that shows the unbelievable level of fitness of this guy.

What else? Oh, nothing... just a fantastic SUP session at 1000 peaks this afternoon... glassy waist to shoulder high peeling perfection...

Life in Maui is awwright!

PS. The music is clearly UB40, but I'm too tired to re-edit it now...


horndog said...

i don't understand the "fun" in paddleboarding. if i'm gonna gut it out and paddle, i wanna surf a freakin wave! not paddle!

you know what i mean?!? to me, paddleboarding is pure pain for a bunch of masochists.

sorry, but that's my opinion...

have at it.

cammar said...

I totally know what you mean...

But those guys do catch plenty glides in the downwind runs (check that wind wave in the photo).
Not exactly like riding a wave when surfing, but still fun.
I personally do very few downwind runs in summer time, when I got nothing better to do.
But there's people who really love it.
I got a friend who's been a surfer all his life (he discovered G-Land in Indo a few decades ago...!!!).
He's on downwind runs every summer windy afternoon. He says he likes the glides he catches in the middle of the ocean and the fact that he's completely alone.
He doesn't even Standup surf at all.
I have other friends that only Standup surf and don't do any downwind at all.
As usual, it's personal preferences.
Thanks for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me - these mast-top videos never give me much perspective on what's going on, whether qualitatively or quantitatively. I'm to the point where I would rather just fast-forward past any mast-top segments. Maybe others see things in them that I don't. If so, bravo - er, bravi. Or how about "bravissimi?" Perfect. The little fish turns tight? Okay, I'll take your word for it.

Maui Addicted said...

Have you already seen it?

I'd like to know your opinion on this thing.

Giampaolo - Maui Addicted

cammar said...

I kind of agree. But I thought that the mast top mount is the self-shooting option that gives the best idea of the radius of the turn of a board.
Maybe next time I'll shoot from the mast over the boom and we'll compare... unless you want to come and shoot from the beach! :-)

that camera doesn't take still pictures and even though does come with some mounts, it doesn't have a wrist mount, which is the real key element of the gopro.
So, even though I never tried the OS, I think I prefere mine...