Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A couple of more things.

1) Before I shut the comments down, there was one (clearly anonymous) last comment on my "classic hawaii" video complaining about me revealing the names of the spots.
But of course, what was I thinking?
Those spots are so secret that almost nobody knows about them. You have to hike half a mile in the jungle to get there and there's no way you can spot them just by driving on the highway. No way. They're hidden, secluded and private property of a few privileged surfers that want to keep them all for themselves. How did they find them... it's a mystery!
So I edited the video and covered the names of the spots with beeps.
Just in case, I even beeped the names of the mountains... you never know!
Check it out, it came out kind of funny...

2) I'm soooo happy that those miserable comments are not on my blog anymore.
Somehow this morning I was able to channel all that shitty energy in the right direction and be an even better and happier man!
I had a great session in a spot so secret that I don't even know were it was (they blind you at the park entrance and guide you there), caught a bunch of beautiful waves, smiled to everybody, didn't mind a few drop-ins, gave tips to beginners, shared the stoke with everyone of any color, any age, any religion out there and in the parking.
I was just ecstatic to be who I am and not one of those sad individuals that left those comments full of hate. I was happy to be able to enjoy the amazing beauty of yet another gorgeous day and share it with everybody else in the ocean.
I hoped that I was going to meet some of those sad haters, so that I could try to infect them with my contagious happiness, but I don't think I met any. Everybody looked pretty damn happy already...
Well, I actually did meet one usually pissed off towards windsurfers guy at lunch time at Mana food and I smiled to him: "Howzit brah, how's the waves at Hookipa?"
Believe it or not, he smiled back!
Here's my answer to all that shit written in those comments: stoke, happiness, positive vibe, love.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, that positive rastaman vibration I had this morning must have helped my surfing too... I kicked some serious ass on my 8.6!

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