Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unfair County rules may kill watersports instruction on Maui

I received this email from David and Suzie Dorn.

Maui County has proposed new rules that will almost certainly kill watersports instruction on Maui. This is bad news for the Maui watersports community
And bad news for all the schools that have been serving the community for decades.

One example is, Proposed Rule 10-102-22 prohibits windsurfing schools from having more than two instructors working at one time. This will eliminate our kids camps, and any other high-school programs. This will put the vast majority of watersports instructors out of work, and most (if not all) schools will go out of business. The sports affected are Windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, kayaking, Scuba diving, etc.

We need public testimony from anyone who supports these sports. Please support our schools and instructors by writing a letter or email. And send it to

Tamara Horcajo, Maui County parks director,
Zachary Helm, deputy director parks,
Mayor Charmaine Tavares,
Jo Anne Johnson,
Michelle Anderson,
Senator Shan Tsutsui,
And cc a copy to

The testimony could be sent before 5pm Tuesday 2/26/08 (next meeting), or the final deadline is in 45days.

“Say goodbye to kids camps like these, if Maui County has their way!”


Anonymous said...

whats the arguement for these new rules ?

Pedro said...

What's on the head of these guys?? Are they high or something?

David said...

The new mayor and admin are making big waves in terms of attempting to kill the (white) sports like windsurfing/kiting, etc. on the island. They're attacking the lodging, instructions, etc. and the only thing that I can think of is the undercurrent that they want to be their own country and bail from being an actual U.S. state.

It just doesn't make sense, but then again, the things they are attacking are usually white operations, not native hawaiian.

It's racism run amok if you ask me.

jeff E of the Great White North said...

I cant believe it!!!1st its vacation rentals and the hollow arguments against, then this ban windsurfing and kiting within amount X of feet of surfers. Now this??!! there's an old saying "just because your paranoid it doesnt mean people arent after you"
i didnt know the taliban,existed in Maui i mean really!!

Anonymous said...

stfu haole

sunny garcia said...

What's da prob, brah? More waves fo' me!

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Alan Cadiz here. We are working hard to maintain your access to quality, affordable lessons here on Maui. Unfortunately, the proposed rules go too far and are a seismic threat to the viability of watersports instruction businesses. Your support and positive comments about the status quo at Kanaha Beach Park, Maui would be invaluable at this time.
Please email to Parks Director:
and to Mayor:
and copy to me at
Mahalo and Aloha.

Anonymous said...

This brings new meaning to the prescient "Windsurfing has been cancelled." Except now it is "Windsurfing AND kitesurffing has been cancelled."

Thanks to all the kite renegades for bringing all this down on us.

I guess Allen Cadez should change his name to Hawaiian Swimming Techniques.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the actual Proposed Rule? It's hard to comment on something when you don't know what it actually says. Also, a sample "form letter" response would be handy for us illiterate ones. :)

Anonymous said...

We will post the rules as soon as we can, our scanner is down at the moment and we only have our hard copy that the schools received in the mail Saturday. We will post asap.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I shoulda sold my house in 2006. Instead, Fred told me to buy!

Anonymous said...

haoles complaining about racism... poor, poor babies, you poor innocent things, victims of racism now... those bad dark-skinned people don't like your fair skin, your fair hair, and your light-colored eyes, and they're out to get you for it... after all the wonderful things you've done for them... civilizing them, teaching them about God, giving them honest work in the fields, and spending your hard-earned dollars for vacations on their islands, and saving them from those other yellow-skinned scourges, the japanese... "wtf are those idiots thinking? they must be on drugs again, as usual... they always run amuk, that's why we had to invent a special caliber side-arm, to shoot them down... they're the same as all those other dark-skinned terrorists, those taliban al-qa'eda schmucks... which we are busy shooting down... anybody who doesn't love us, has got to have something wrong with them... why, why, why, oh why do they hate us so..." it sucks to be you, haole.

Anonymous said...

These rules were created by the parks department who just want to eliminate all the ocean activity schools on Maui. BTW the parks director is a blond haired "haole" woman. Watersports instruction is a serious business where most instructors are certified in their sport of teaching, they work really hard. They act as "lifeguards" and are an extra set of eyes for the county and make all our beaches safer. Maui is changing and growing, that is a fact. In my opinion the county should recognize this and therefore IMPROVE all our parks, beaches, and harbors, add proper showers, add restrooms, extend parking lots, make the beaches a better place. The schools and instructors are not the problem, it is the county and their lack of support!!!

Anonymous said...

but the department must be giving a reason for doing this, its not just to annoy the hell out of everyone. Whats their reasoning ?

jeff E of the Great White North said...

the taliban dont allow a vote, they push rules upon people under religious law. Woman cannot go to school or show their faces in public and have no rights they can be beaten and murdered without recourse to the man that has done the deed.
Luckily Democracies such as Canada and the USA have free votes and free speech.
I hope the people speak up on this issue in Maui country and the people are truly represented by the administrators.
So that what i meant by "taliban." If i offended you anon sorry.
If you think i am racist please think again. One of my best friend is an East Indian the other Chinese we are all Canadian and Human beings just like you.
Ok fair i am a haole. i dotn think the original meaning of that word was bad. If the shoes fits i'll wear it. I am proud of who I am i work at a hospital helping people i support 2 foster kids, i think i am a good person i let locals pass me in maui when i am driving slow ( LOL) and WOW that make me a "haole". Shit i am proud to be a haole if thats what i am .
I am curious who are you, can you "own" who you are?

Anonymous said...

First: Don't be proud to be "haole". The literal translation is "without breath" or "without soul".

Second: Windsurfing is just as viable a sport as surfing and swimming. So discrimination is wrong.

Third: Colonization of Hawaii may have caused serious problems. This is bad. However, this is life, and the clock can not be turned back. Stop whining and start living. ... Also there is always somebody there first. When the "Hawaiians" migrated to Hawaii from Polynesia, the islands were already populated. The Polynesians killed most of the "natives" and gained control of the islands. ... People's are conquered (and sometimes destroyed) through out history. It's life.

Racism against whites is a huge problem in our islands. Until it is resolved, there will always be a latent tension haunting our air.

duke said...

to "david"

you typify the arrogant "haole" mentality infesting our beautiful island of maui.

we hope that with these new regulations in force, haoles like you return to the mainland and never come back.

Anonymous said...

David Troup of Wisconsin said:
"The new mayor and admin are making big waves in terms of attempting to kill the (white) sports like windsurfing/kiting, etc. on the island. They're attacking the lodging, instructions, etc. and the only thing that I can think of is the undercurrent that they want to be their own country and bail from being an actual U.S. state.

It just doesn't make sense, but then again, the things they are attacking are usually white operations, not native hawaiian."

What a blindly racist and supremely ignorant statement to make. You accuse others of racism, yet you yourself are in denial. Oh the irony. Typical racist whites.

Anonymous said...

As part Hawaiian, I wonder what evidence you have for calling david a racist. He may be wrong; I don't think the issues are anti-white or racist. But how does this make him "a racist white"? Where is the "denial"?

The real problem is a lack of tolerance and a discrimination of certain sports (namely windsurfing). There is enough room to enjoy all of the ocean together.

And: As a good surfer and windsurfer, I'd like to point out that Hookipa normally sucks for surfing but is great for windsurfing. There are better spots for surfing on Maui's north shore. It does not make sense to kick windsurfers out when there are so many breaks that cater to specialized water sports (be they windsurfing, surfing, kiting, etc).

Anonymous said...

To Duke,

Sorry you feel that way, but I do see some of your argument. If you and other native Hawaiians want your independence bad enough (and want the islands to yourself), why not start a movement and NOT be part of the USA. Then you can have your island to yourself, like you want. You want freedom, show a some conviction and go all the way!!! Start your movement! Then we can all claim that your tax $$$ are not leaving the island, and mainlanders can say their tax $$$ are not going there to help you (you don't want it anyway). A win/win situation!!!!

old boy said...

Hawaii is the one place where being white is a DISADVANTAGE.

Sorry. Time to face reality.

Anonymous said...

for thousand of years in hawaii the blooming of flowers where associated with fish and then ....the musts and sails arrived and associated with caucasian and their laws and deceptions and than again on maui appeared the sailboards(must and sale) and more caucasian development and their trash "maui is so cute i like to buy a pice of it""i'm so cute i windsurf" "hey you ugly hawaiians go away i windsurf" "i'm" "i make one million dollar""i can pay you""i bring Happiness""I TAKE EVERYTHING"

did you go to the governor to protest when the cut the water form the POOR and FULL hawaiian village for the 3 RICH and EMPTY hause ? how much money did you make last 20 years windsurfing industry?how much have you given directly to the locals (forget about tax and crappy jobs ) "i'll give you 500$ a week to wash my rentals!!!"

do you really think the hawaiians needs your money and you? they know how to fish grow craft and surf better then any million dollar men, their land is paradise. no need of development and selfish fucks

when in hawaii do as the hawaiians
be a respect full guest
and if you want to do politics go and help the locals
not private interests

to learn how to windsurf buy a book is cheaper and better

a caucasian windfuckincok

Anonymous said...

windsurfing is for everyone. don't blame a beautiful sport for some people's mistakes.

Anonymous said...

well said, "windsurfingcok."

exactly. those windsurf schools have been milkin it for years. at the peak (1985-1990) they shoulda been giving back to the local community. teaching local youths. disadvantaged kids. but no. they brought in the rich, white spoiled kids, desecrating the beaches. hogging up the best of maui for themselves.


David said...

Wow. Where to start ... where to start. I guess we'll just go down the line, shall we?

When I referenced racism, I was referring it as "against anyone NOT Hawaiian" not just against whites.

There's a strong undercurrent against non-hawaiians on the island, and this is typified by Duke's comments. I got no gripe with him, he just made the point for me.

In the next post, one of our anonymous poster correctly identified me. Yup, that's right. I exist online with my TRUE identity. If you can't post your name, then as far as I'm concerned, you have no voice. Grow some balls, create a profile and lets have real debate. Then again, I'm about solving problems, you folks seem to be about sustaining them for your end goal. Fine by me. I'll never hide from words I speak. I dare everyone here to do the same.

GP hangs it all out on his blog. He's a super nice guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with his politics, but that doesn't mean I don't like him. I'll gladly give him the next wave all the same. It's about respect. I don't see a lot of it from those of you who are claiming to be Hawaiian and calling myself and others haole.

I've met a lot of great Hawaiians who are true to the spirit of the islands. I feel shame for those that abuse their birthright and believe wrongly that they are somehow better than others. Such a waste of a good soul.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Are the locals just singling out just the caucasians from the mainland? Or are they going after everyone? Japanese, Italians, Germans and any of the other races of the world that visit/live in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...


90% of the surfers on Maui are either California transplants or illegal South Americans.

The surfer vs windsurfer fight immigrated to hawaii with the white Californians.

Anonymous said...

the last post (anon) is full on correct - i sailed diamond head (oahu) for 10 years and the only problems i ever encountered was with wannabe locals - mostly coming from california.

Mac said...

Wow...I have a stupid question, because I really don't know the answer. Does "Anonymous" and "Duke" speak for most native Hawaiians? Or, is he/she representative of only a few? If I were to move to Hawaii, the first thing I'd want to do is learn about Hawaiian history, culture and respect the folks who were there first. But if this person speaks for many, would I as a white American, even have a chance to get that respect back?

moreforce4 said...

Wow, a lot of bitterness in the comments. As an anthropologist, I'm not overly surprised, most dispossessed people feel the same. If injustice allowed to linger long-standing hatred festers. How many of the newcomers get to know Hawaiians really well, visit their houses, and understand the history and local politics? If its like the relationship here (western Canada)between newcomers and aboriginal First Nations, the percentage is tiny.

Some of the last comments got me wondering about the efforts of the windsurfing schools/industry over the years. I know nothing of it, but how many professional native Hawaiian windsurfers (competitors, sponsored, instructors, business owners) are there? I know there were some like Tom "Pohaku" Stone; is Dave Kalama native Hawaiian? The schools in Aruba, Bonaire, Morocco etc. have made a big effort to get the local kids involved, and now many of the top freestyle and wave world cup guys and girls seem to come from local communities. I don't follow World Cup much, but I don't recall seeing any Hawaiian names/faces lately. Hope I'm wrong but if not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Josh Stone is native Hawaiian and his father was one of the founders of Da Hui. He also windsurfs almost every day and is a 2 time world champion. His brother, Jason, (who is also native hawaiian) is also a top pro. And yes, Kalama is hawaiian. Bernd I-don't-know-his-last-name is also a hot up-and-coming native hawaiian pro. Apart from these pros, there are countless other hawaiian recreational windsurfers.

Most of the kids camps are free, so kids from any socioeconomic or racial background can learn to windsurf (be they white, hawaiian, poor, or rich).

Also, many pros offer free instruction down at kanaha.

Basically, if you want to learn how to windsurf on Maui, it is very easy to do so.

I windsurf at Hookipa every day there is wind and will gladly devote a Saturday morning to teaching anyone to windsurf.

However, I notice a lot of hatred from the surfers towards the windsurfers. Most of these "haters" are from California. And to be honest, I wish they would go back to the mainland. IF YOU HATE, GET OFF MAUI.

It's is sad to see the locals who post here. They seem so confused in feeling that windsurfing has wronged them. I pity anyone who could be so wrong.

Anonymous said...

"...if not, why not?"

You are one pathetic anthropologist. WTF do you think? It is the age old story of white privilege and racism. Ever hear of it?

Pretty funny that now all the mickey mouse haole wind school owners are crying like babies. Too little too late.

Buy-bye windsurf schools. Now I can take my children to Kanaha to play and swim in peace.

Thank you Mayor Tavares!

moreforce4 said...

Well thanks for that anonymous 2 back, its good to hear about the free kids camps etc. I had no idea the Stones were Hawaiian.

Anon 1 back has the same style as most of the other ones in the same vein, sounds like a repeat customer. I hope you are not typical of hawaiians; when my wife and I were in Maui last, we were warmly welcomed both on beaches and at some traditional events. And fyi, I'm a pretty damn good anthropologist, and my expert testimony at supreme court here last year helped the Tsil'qotin first nation establish aboriginal title to a huge piece of land. Set a huge precedent.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous poster:

You're hiding behind a fabricated and inaccurate cliche. Worse, you're actually using it as a justification for discrimination.

Look at your argument. You admit that the Windsurfing School's only flaws are being white and not giving free lessons to hawaiian children. These aren't reasons for putting them out of business.

By the way, do you know of any hawaiian children who feel embittered because they didn't receive free windsurfing lessons? Do you recommend any music schools that should be shut down for not giving free lessons? Or any Karate teachers that should be arrested for charging a fee? Do you think Fukashima's should be shut down because he doesn't give free food to all the local children running around Haiku?

Just use your brain...please.

Anonymous said...

Dan from NZ:
I can't believe some of the comments here.
I've only been to Maui once 10 years ago and I was amazed by both its beauty and the amazing conditions that it offered to surfers and windsurfers alike. It was great that basic rules had been established and were well understood that you didn't windsurf before 10am (or is it 11?) so that the surfers could enjoy the waves, there never tended to be any wind then anyway.
What has happened over the past few years for such ill feeling to be generated between the native Hawaiians and the tourists that come to enjoy your wonderful island?

Anonymous said...

Haole, (pronounced: How-leh) in the Hawaiian language, means "foreign" or "foreigner"; it can be used in reference to people, plants, and animals. The origins of the word predate the 1778 arrival of Captain James Cook (which is the general accepted date of first contact with westerners), as recorded in several chants stemming from antiquity.

Haole, in its current definition, first became associated with the children of Caucasian immigrants in the early 1820s. It unified the self-identity of these Hawai'i-born children whose parents were as much culturally different as they were similar. For Haole children whose first language was Hawaiian, their parents were either religious missionaries or secular businessmen, and hailed from both Europe and North America, not necessarily speaking the same language or English dialect.

With the first three generations of Haole playing key roles in the rise of the economic and political power shifts that lasted through the turn of the 20th century, Haole evolved into a term that was often used in contempt. Though its first usage in such context had to do with classist origins, it has evolved further to racial meaning, erroneously replacing "malihini" (newcomer) in addressing people who move to Hawai'i from the U.S. mainland. Today it is often applied to those who are of Caucasian ancestry, or those who think or behave in a foreign manner.

In current application, Haole is sometimes, but certainly not always, used as a racially derogatory word and can be used descriptively or derisively.

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting what happened with windsurfing in the caribbean. Indeed I remember the 80'd when all the PWA (PBA it was called?) pros were blonde causcasians (Robby, Anders, Bjorn, etc).
Thanks to some generous (and caucasian) instructors, local kids got into windsurfing and now the freestyle discipline is dominated by windsurfers with african or native american origin. More interestingly, I heard (I'm not totally sure) that world champion Gollito Estredo is the son of a poor local fisherman. Nice story.
Why the situation seems so different in Maui? I can point a couple differences:
1) Those windsurfing spots in the Caribbean (Bonaire, Margarita, etc) are not surfing spots, so people does not have that antiwindsurfing vibe that California surfers bring to Hawaii.
2) Hawaii was a relatively prosperous Kingdom before being taken up by the US. They clearly still have some bad feelings about it... That is hard to change, and it's amazing that windsurfing was made a symbol of that.

Anonymous said...

It seems that instead of having fun people prefer the hate. How people can be miserable in paradise!
A wave is just a wave, one can leave without, Maui is not that crowded, go to Europe or China and see how beaches look over there. The color of the skin does not make the person, just respect one eachother and be able to let go.
This discussion instead of solving issues is making everything even worst and building up even more hate.
Either you are Hawaiian or Caucasian or South American, please stop, this does not bring any positive, and the mediator should put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of the rules are the result of racism. I believe its a result of too much commercial activity on PUBLIC beaches. Commercial operators have had a free ride. They do have an impact on public parks and facilities. It is sad that David would throw the race card out. I would be more productive to work to find a solution to the over commercialization of public beaches. If David want to look for racism, he should start with his mirror.