Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no more comments

The main reason I keep this blog is to share stoke, to inspire and to inform.

Unfortunately, the chain of comments of the last posts took a path towards agressiveness and insults and was really bugging me.

Here's the last comment of that list:
It seems that instead of having fun people prefer the hate. How people can be miserable in paradise!
A wave is just a wave, one can leave without, Maui is not that crowded, go to Europe or China and see how beaches look over there. The color of the skin does not make the person, just respect one eachother and be able to let go.
This discussion instead of solving issues is making everything even worst and building up even more hate.
Either you are Hawaiian or Caucasian or South American, please stop, this does not bring any positive, and the mediator should put a stop to it.

I am shocked too how people can be miserable in paradise.
Sure, Maui is more crowded than it was before, this is a fact. I noticed that too in the seven years that I've been here. But instead of bitching about it I focus on the many positive things that still are and think that I should be stoked to be enjoying it now as it is, because soon it's going to be a lot more crowded. And there's nothing you can do about it.
You can't hide the beauty of a place in 2008. You can't hide the beauty of any place on earth in 2008.
Go on youtube and search for surfing and you'll find about 118,000 videos.
Just in the first page, there's videos of:
Teahupoo, Alaska, Amazon, Mauritius, Japan, Hawaii, even Texas ditch surfing...

Somehow, the comments show the readers that on top of the natural beauty, Maui has some issues and hate.
Got that? It's not 100% paradise in which everybody is happy!
Do I even need to tell you that? There's nothing like that in the whole western world.
Maybe some uncontaminated tribes in the middle of Amazon (if there are still some)... maybe Buthan... maybe somewhere else.
As long as it's a society ruled by money and material things, there's always someone that will be unhappy because they want more.

I agree 100% with that last comment and from now on, the comments are disabled.
Somebody feel like fighting over the internet?
Create a group (there's plenty free ones) on the internet and do it there.

I'm sorry for the hundreds of readers that used to write interesting comments. Maybe one day I'll enable them again. Maybe.

Alright, now it's time for me to go catch a few waves and share the stoke with the other ocean users (irregardless of what sport they're doing) and shake some of this shitty vibe off.


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