Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few waves at Kanaha + a lot of other stuff

So, despite the long list of stuff I have to post, here is something completely new... still hot out of the oven (the SD card).

The weather in Maui is just unreally pleasant. No wind, sunshine and beautiful waves out of the NW. Here are a few waves at Kanaha. Welcome to Hawaii...

While you're still in youtube mode, you may want to check out the video I took of little Jordan (10 years old) that I am stoked to be coaching...
Cool, uh? And you still don't own a Digital Hero Gopro camera?


Here's the text of an email from Marc Lefevre that I'm happy to publish:

There is a similar bill in the HOUSE of REP as well. It was introduced a day before the SENATE one that we just testified for.

Might want to put the word out on that one as well.

I found it by doing a text search in the Hawaii state website.

Good job Mark. Let's monitor this other puppy and keep our eyes open, everyone.

Oh, if you're looking for a night read, here's the testimonies for that famous bill.

The ones arrived on time.

The late ones.

And Makani has a video of the hearing on his website.


This song left by an anonymous reader regarding my complaint about different kind of surfers hating each other just cracks me up... thanks for that.


Luke, an employee of Kanaha Kai, got his Starboard SUP board stolen off his car at night. It's a 12.2 and it looks just like this one: good!

If you see it, please call the shop at 877-7778.


Still plenty waves ahead and light or no wind for the rest of week. Loving it.

Serious out of season south swell on Saturday that will unfortunately be ruined Sunday by some Kona wind. The two things are completely unrelated, so it's a case of bad luck, I'd say. Oh well, I'll sail Kanaha instead...


Did you guys wake up this morning stoked just not to have died during the night and to have the chance to enjoy one more day alive?


Something is wrong with you...


Anonymous said...

I woke up, went to work and wished I was dead ;)
There were some impressive names among the testimonials! And their emails ;)

cammar said...

that's what a lot of people does it (going to work and wish to be dead, that is). I used to do that too, back in Italy.

Then I learned that... that is actually an incredible lack-of-respect/insult for a hell lot of people, such as, for example:
- people who don't have a job or have a job, but is paid less than 2 dollars a day
- people who can't go to work because... they can't!

Tomorrow morning, do like this.
As soon as you wake up, pretend you can't move your legs... and try to get out of your bed to go to work...
See where you can get before you give up.
You'll be stoked to go to work after that...

Yeah, impressive names... but IMO it's even more impressive that none of them would have known about it if it wasn't for my poo...

Notice how the first three testimonies are in favor of the bill and the first one against it is dated Thursday 7.15am and has the text I proposed on this blog around 6.45am.
Then there's a few more and then the big bulk of testimonies arrived after 10.30am, when Jeff got on the phone and started calling everyone.
My testimony is at the end (pag 71), because I even though I wrote it at 6.45am, I didn't push the outlook send/receive button... I realized that when I got back home and it was 2.42pm... I almost missed it!!!

Windsurfing in Hawaii saved by a poo... I still can't believe it...

Anonymous said...

I think that, as Barry Spanier pointed out in his testimony, that bill was so stupid that the chances it to pass were low anyhow...

cammar said...

What's stupid for you (and me and Barry and a lot of other people) is not stupid for the people who proposed it and supported it...
So I wouldn't be so sure about that statement...

It would have probably created a huge reaction and opposition once it would have been approved and made known, but fighting to change a law is way more difficult than fighting for its non approval... as the 10 man rule at Hookipa clearly shows.