Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great wavesailing

Ops, I forgot to link my friend Martino's photo page... check it out, he's a crazy white water kayaker and world traveller...

Just a few pics to show what kind of conditions this week are finally happening here in Maui.

The weekend was unreal and I was busy shooting video clips with the helmet cam. Makani got some footage of epic Hookipa on Sunday, check his website, he just posted a video of Kauli.

Monday, in the break between morning and evening sessions, I drove to Hoo and took a few pics, mostly of Kauli and Levi. Here's the latter with an aerial from high in the sky...

Here's Kauli with his new JP painted board. Both fins are out of the water. The only thing that keeps the board there is the front rail.

There were only 5-6 sailors out when I stopped there. I was so tired, I took the photos from the car...
Here's a unidentified sailor who chose a bad moment and place to wipe out... Ouch!

Here's Levi with his newly Quatro painted board (at least there's a high chance that that one is shaped by Keith Taboul) in a stylish one hand aerial.

This is Kauli again.

And this is Levi again in a dynamic top turn. Is windsurfing a dynamic sport or what?

Sunday, my friend Martino was on the bluff and he took some photos. Here's Francisco Porcella. The whole sequence (together of more of the Levi-Kauli duet) in the slide below.

Last, but not least, here's the usual Laird show shot by Randy on Sunday morning, I believe. It's a bit heavy... open it in a new window (right click--> open in new window/tab) and let it load... it's worth it!

Huge swells on the horizon for the rest of the week, as this morning weather map clearly confirms.

Life is great!


Be Warned! said...

900 AM HST WED FEB 13 2008

Surf along north facing shores will be 8 to 12 feet today, then rise to heights of 20 to 30 feet by late tonight and continue through Thursday.

cammar said...

I'm gonna sail Jaws!

If I figure how to launch from the cliff...