Thursday, March 26, 2009

top level show

As easily anticipated on the page, today the show at Hookipa was top level.

The best sailors in the world going for the craziest stuff in mast high waves and strong wind. I got many good shots in the slide show below.
Keith Teboul.

Antoine Albeau.

I timed my sessions perfectly. The first one was 11.30 to 12.30, 4.0 and 68l. Fun, with waves still in the head high range and the wind not too crazy yet.
The second one was 4.30 to 5.45, with the wind finally dropping a bit and with overhead to logo high waves getting smoother and with less chop. I had an absolute blast.
Also because I had low expectations, since the reports of the people coming out of the water weren't that good: 4.0 too big, way too choppy, quite dangerous.
What a difference one hour can make. While surfers know very well how important the timing is for a good session, it seems that most windsurfers are not as sensitive to that. Too bad for them...

Still plenty waves and wind for tomorrow. Life is good.

Here are the other photos in a slide show. No time to add the names, I'll let you guys guess them. Just a couple of helps: the guy that got the board disconnected is Browsinho and the one walking on the rocks is clearly Robby Naish (not sure if he broke something or went on the rocks). Number 2 is Victor forward off the lip.

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