Sunday, March 22, 2009

strong and gusty (and awful)

Boy, what another day of gusty, strong, awful wind it was... This is the Hookipa graph. The only steady thing in it, is the oscillation between 15 and 30...

I went out, didn't get any good turn, but didn't get hurt... so I'm happy.

Victor, making it look good.

Sometimes overexposed is good. Andres.

Some other times rightly exposed is better. Still Andres.

Well, let's get rid of him. Andres scores a hatrick.

The world's highest skilled windsurfing couple is back on Maui. Nayra Alonso.

She's such a nice girl. I'll give her another shot.

Boyfriend John Skye is just as nice. He went out with a foot still clearly swallen from his recent footstrap injury. He sailed moderately conservative, making sure to get out of the straps in time.




Brazilian big wave surfing charger and canoe paddling top competitor Andrea went out on Juliana's gear after one year of not sailing.

Here's the result.

Thanks to Glenn and Nitsan for taking some of these photos with my camera while I was out catapulting my ass off.


Anonymous said...

Do I guess correctly that you took the final photograph?


cammar said...

Well, guess what... you guessed wrong!
Looks like I'm not the only man who likes women...