Friday, March 13, 2009

the harbor goes off

What a swell! I got so much stuff to post, it might take me a week!

Tonight I'm so tired (I did some paddling...) that I will only post a few photos. Come back for more later.

The Waimea buoy went from 10 to 20 feet in 6 hours.
Look at that thing! That's inside the Kahului harbor. Imagine outside...


Get ready people...

Lots of photographers were there. Franky already posted some pics on the Kazuma blog.

And tomorrow could be epic Kona sailing. I better go to sleep...


azuldeultramar said...

how was Honolua Bay? you went there? never saw it breaking when I was there, so I'll have to come back



Anonymous said...

Where's gonna be good to sail Saturday's Konas? Kanaha Lowers looked messy today. Anywhere on the west side?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, GP! The first one with the boogie boarder is great! I love the expression on his face!

Ely from NYC

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, those are waves and a half! My only advice is "take care out there"!!! I think that was the final sentence from a US police drama but have totally forgotten the name of the series.
I can "see" the police sergeant but not the title of the so and so programme....... Grrrrr, old age.


cammar said...

Honolua Bay was probably firing. But it all depends on the wind that was blowing up there... it was whirling around the island a lot yesterday and I heard it was blowin west for a while there... not good.
Me at Honolua Bay? I don't think it's ever gonna happen again... too many people, too many drop ins. I go surfing to have fun, not to fight for a wave.

Kanaha looked messy because the wind wasn't offshore. Go see it today...
If you never sailed there, be very careful. It's waaay more difficult than it looks because of the extreme offshoreness and gustiness of the wind. And the wave is not the usual mushy Lowers wave... it's a beast that breaks top to bottom.
Again, way more difficult/dangerous than the usual Lowers.

Ely and Anne... hi!

Sharon said...

I swung by around 6:15pm and it was still a zoo. Plus the cops were ticketing everyone parked on the the looks of things the fun was prolly worth the ticket price.

Dave said...

The westside was a complete loss yesterday.Biggest swell of the winter and completely blown straight on shore everywhere.
Plenty of sailing in a kona wind though. Pick your spot.

Anonymous said...

GP, surely Honolua can't/shouldn't be sailed?!? It's windy over there though if the west maui airport sensor is to be believed...S25 G40. Which other beaches on the west side can be sailed?

I'm concerned that in a S'ly Kanaha will be bolt offshore and mast-cruchingly messy...but will take a look.

Kihei is the last resort fall-back option I guess...


cammar said...

Shaz, if you got a barrel, I agree with you.
But if you only got dropped in by one of the 40+ surfers sitting at they buoy... not sure about that.

Dave, thanks for the report.

Harry, you want to sail Honolua Bay???? Good luck with:
- the surfers
- the fact that it's a right and with the Kona wind you would sail from the shoulder to the peak and straight onto the rocks. Foggettaboutit.
Read Dave's comment. He knows better than me.