Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

When I saw Robby Naish's first jump I thought:"I better zoom out next time".

Two minutes later.

Wild conditions today at Hookipa. The iWindsurf.com graph shows how from 3 to 4 the wind was 10mph stronger of the hour before.

Francisco Goya does look a bit overpowered in fact.

It was hard for everyone. I saw Campello doing a backloop on the chop on the way in, receiving a big "WOW" from the crowd and falling in the tack right after. I saw Francisco and Kauli catapulting. I saw Robby Naish falling in a gust just sailing along. I saw Antoine Albeau bailing out at 10 meters of height.
Oh wait, I got a photo of that, that even inspired the title.

Don't be fooled by the optical illusion. Fortunately for Antoine, his foot is not stuck in the strap.
Mark Angulo in auto-eject mode.

Dunno who this is, but that doesn't look like it's going to be fun.

Keith doesn't jump much, but he sure knows how.

Kauli was going for some super hesitated forwards. This is a backloop, instead.

Dunno who this is. Someone with enough balls to go for an aerial like that in those conditions.

Someone went on the rocks and this pair of beautiful legs went to help. Now, how come I get Rob Funk and a couple of other guys instead?

Kanaha's graph is not even funny.


Checco said...

That's crazy Giampaolo... next time Robby would better wear his spacesuit (though on the moon there's no water!)!

James Douglass said...

Wow, Robby Naish still rules the air. :) Any reports from Kanaha? It looks like it was 3.0 conditions there in the late afternoon. Does that happen often on Maui?

Catapulting Aaron said...


Sharon said...

Great post, killer pics and unbelievable balls.

meesh said...

2 windsurfers at Kanaha, 5 kites, & windy as hell. Outta control!!!

Ben said...

Actually there were at least 20 windsurfers out at kanaha when I was there 11:30-1:30. Most of us had 4.2 rigged (and a few girls on 3.4) which made the head-high waves managable. After that the wind got crazy.

Windwiner said...

Hi GP, have you seen Mark A land one of his mutant moves yet? I keep hoping to see a sequence that shows whatever it is he is trying to do. Please keep us posted.

Alex said...

Gary, Darryl, Kevin, n myself were out between 4 and 5PM... it was silly novelty wind! in the Gorge it's a good day, in Maui it's an unnecessary waste of wind.(and waves)

Today I had a more rewarding session, Got my Oil changed at wally-World... at least I accomplished something :)

cammar said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

A couple of answers:
- Over 40 wind is not common in Maui, but it does happen. Quite impressive, if you think that it's generated by a high pressure. It's the Haleakala factor...

- I haven't personally seen Mark A. land a mutant yet, but I've seen his so close that I'm sure he actually did land a few.
Makani caught one good attempt on video (sec 25) on his website: http://www.mauiwindsurfing.net/videos/20090310Hookipa.cfm

To me it looks like an aerial wave 360 with an arched back. Something that would introduce a new number in the scale of difficulty on a wave contest judge's sheet: 12.
I bet he wakes up every morning saying:"today I'll do it!".
He tried it countless times and he got worked pretty damn hard most of them. That guys is tenacious.

mystery bob said...

You really caught the action Giampaolo.......