Tuesday, June 02, 2015

6 2 15 morning call

Yet again, yesterday was another fantastic day of surfing on the south shore.
I've been starting the post like that for 10 days or so and it doesn't seem it's gonna change any time soon.

These are the photos I took before paddling out for my second session yesterday morning. First one was on the SUP on a north Kihei reef, but the tide was sketchy low on that one.

Roque was ripping as usual.

Charlie Smith was out there too..

This is a clip of a wave that I managed to blow thanks to a little too much weight on the rail. You'll see a little wake coming on top of the board and knocking me off, and the only thing that could have created that wake, was the front rail that I buried for a fraction of second in the water.
Incredible how delicate the balance of everything is when you're riding a surfboard on a wave.

3.5ft @ 7s from 55° (ENE)
1.7ft @ 9s from 67° (ENE)
1.3ft @ 4s from 68° (ENE)
1ft @ 11s from 341° (NNW)

3ft @ 17s from 185° (S)
2.2ft @ 14s from 189° (S)

4.5ft @ 16s from 189° (S)

4.2ft @ 16s from 169° (SSE)

Still plenty long period energy at all the buoys (not the Pauwela, of course), so plenty more action today.

The wind will be light trades, maybe sailable in the afternoon on the north shore.

Wind map shows a little fetch in the NW corner (3f 12s from the NW on Saturday) and a beautiful strong fetch in the Tasman Sea. The Fiji contest is gonna be fun to watch. The ladies are ripping and Tatiana is becoming my new favorite female surfer.

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