Monday, June 08, 2015

7 6 15 morning call

Despite the clean early morning conditions. I didn't feel like surfing Hookipa and went south also yesterday. I think I'm addicted to the colors and the long lasting glassiness.

Here's a couple of groms I took photos of.

I did go back to Hookipa for what it's good for: windsurfing.
Jimmie Hepp took this photo of me. Can you see the gopro mouth mount?

Well, thanks to the fact that I had a clearly visible camera in my mouth, Robby Naish thought about showing off a bit for me. Here's a bottom turn.

This is Andres coming down from a back loop.

Just a little top turn. Mouth mount not too good for photos/video of yourself.

And Robby again hitting the lip.

5.8ft @ 8s from 10° (N)

3.4ft @ 9s from 341° (NNW)
0.5ft @ 16s from 291° (WNW)
0.5ft @ 14s from 290° (WNW)

3.5ft @ 9s from 69° (ENE)
1.9ft @ 11s from 7° (N)
1.8ft @ 5s from 81° (E)
0.4ft @ 16s from 28° (NNE)

2.6ft @ 10s from 286° (WNW)
2ft @ 14s from 192° (SSW)
Really not much on the north shore today and, despite the encouraging reading at Barbers, it seems pretty small also on the south shore.
Here's the double cam check that I did.

Should be blowing strong enough for sailing according to the MC2km map at noon.

Tiny weak fetch in the NW corner. Nothing south, but I circled a strong fetch that should move east and provide Fiji with the swell that the WSL contest is waiting for. They have two weeks, the end of this week looks good for 3-4 days in a row, that's when I think the contest will happen.

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