Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Tuesday 2 5 18 morning call

Longboard and SUP foiling sessions for me yesterday. The wind did weird things in the morning, this photo is from an hour of smooth conditions.

This wave has a lot more texture instead, as some light kona wind picked up towards the end of the session. Excalibur is the nickname of my 8.0 softop which I always have fun with. No wax, no bag, very low maintenance board.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

No indication of southerly energy at the buoys, the Surfline forecast calls for 0.8f 14s plus what's left of the westerly wrap.

North shore
4.1ft @ 11s from 310° (WNW)
3.3ft @ 10s from 308° (WNW)
5.9ft @ 12s from 317° (NW)
4ft @ 10s from 331° (NNW)
5.5ft @ 12s from 328° (NW)           
3.3ft @ 8s from 331° (NNW)
3.8ft @ 13s from 305° (WNW)
3.2ft @ 9s from 314° (NW)
4.6ft @ 11s from 324° (NW)
2.5ft @ 9s from 26° (NNE)
Westerly energy still hanging in there, but with lower readings. I think yesterday the wrap around the south of the islands was stronger than the wrap Hookipa was getting from the north of the islands. Not sure today, but it will be worth to check the Kihei webcams. Stay tuned for a Hookipa report at 7am.

Wind map at noon shows a light pulse of Kona trying to come off the valley. Wind should be totally calm in the early morning.

North Pacific shows the WNW fetch we saw yesterday moving a bit north. In this moment, the swell it's generating comes from 300-315, as highlighted in red on the right.

South Pacific shows a very remote southerly fetch.

Morning sky shows that most of the rain should have passed.

Rain radar at 6am.

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