Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sunday 3 4 18 morning call

A longboard and a SUP foiling session for me yesterday. This is what Dave Kalama posted yesterday together with the photo below.
"Every failure, a chance to learn something new. Every loss, a chance to truly appreciate what we had. Every triumph, a chance to be humble. Every fear, an opportunity to conquer and grow. Every bad experience or emotion is an opportunity to harden your metal and yet acknowledge that life needs balance with highs and lows. If surfing has taught me anything, it’s that I have so much to learn."

To which I commented:"great attitude. Lately instead, I had a customer at the shop that only windsurfs and said he doesn't want to learn a new sport:"I never want to be a beginner again!".
Too bad for him...

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
3.4ft @ 12s from 148° (SE)

2.8ft @ 13s from 142° (SE)

South swell got into the waist to shoulder high range yesterday with even occasional head high sets and with good conditions in Lahaina all day due to the overcast sky. Today the south swell is up to 3f but down to 12-13s, hopefully a bit more consistent than yesterday, but probably not by much, as it is an angular spreading one.

North shore
4.1ft @ 12s from 308° (WNW)

6.6ft @ 9s from 89° (E)
2.9ft @ 14s from 353° (N)

Below is the graph of the two reported buoys (with the unimpressive rise of the new NW swell circled in red) together with the Surfline forecast for the next three days. As you can see, this swell is not predicted to much bigger than it is now, but they have a similar more north swell overlapping to it. Monday/Tuesday a bigger N swell (red line) will reach 5-6f 14-12s. Unfortunately the conditions on the north shore will be poor due to the trades.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific shows the N fetch that will be responsible for the Monday/Tuesday swell and the east fetch, now down to marginal dimensions after a couple of weeks of relentless wave generation.

Nothing of relevance in the South Pacific.

Morning sky.

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