Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hookipa May 9th

Stephanie was showing off the beautiful colors of her new Superfreak.

Just like her lucky boyfriend Jeff.

When you have a sailor like Francisco Goya on the wave in front of you, you defenitely expect to see his board pop up off the lip. Jeff wasn't disappointed.

Another non disappointing move by Francisco.

Jeff returns the favor showing Francisco some fin.

Francisco was testing his new prototype sail.

And if you were wondering what Michelle was doing... Wait, let me rephrase it. If you were wondering what athletical activity Michelle was doing, here she is.

A word from our sponsors...
Jeff, what the hell is that switch on the backdoor of your car? Rear bumper self-destruction button? Looks like it works!

Last but not least. This is the most impressive move I saw. Not that the backloops and the wave riding of the sailors weren't impressive, but there's something about surfing that I just dig more.
You don't have your feet in footstreps and your hands on the boom. Hence, you can move your body freely.
That's exactly what this guy is doing. Awesome.

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