Monday, May 01, 2006

It's all about the stoke!

Just received from Denmark, here are a couple of photos taken by my friend Sune. Notice the contrast with the conditions of Maui below... At least, these guys didn't have to deal with the snow, like the guys from NY a couple of posts below.
Maui, Denmark, NY... what keeps us going is the stoke.
Here's what Sune wrote, in fact:
"we had fun - always nice being in the water, even though
you have to wear all that shitty neoprene.."

Sune, that's a little nice wave! Light offshore, long period, A-framed... if it gets a little bigger, I believe it can be a lot of fun!


Sune said...

yeah, DK is actually not too bad at all... we've got seals instead of dolphins... fishermen on the beach instead of surf chicks... 5 mm wet suits instead of boardies ... but as you've said - what keeps us going is the stoke ;)

I'll send you some pics when it gets bigger...

cammar said...

Look at the first photo trying to somehow lose the focus... it almost looks like Sune has a little surfer buddy standing on his shoulder...
He's saying:"I know it's cold, but let's go surf anyway!"