Friday, May 12, 2006

My friend Bob died.

He was 77 and he died windsurfing. He was every day at Kanaha. If it was windy, he was out windsurfing. If it wasn't, he was out paddling on his paddleboard. And, no matter what the conditions were, when I asked him:"Bob, how was it?", he always answered in his Arkansas accent:"I had good time!".
I used to tell him:"Bob, you are my model. If I ever gonna make it to 77, I wonna be just like you. Always happy, always positive."
When they told me at the beach this morning, I was shocked and sorry, but since we are all going to die one day, I thought that that was the best way to do it.
I had to get on my board and sail out for a while. Getting in the water I thought:"This could be my last time too. And there will be a last time sooner or later. So, I better enjoy it". And, you know what, even thought the wind was light and I wasn't planing, it was sunny and I saw a couple of turtles... I had good time!
Thank you Bob for what you tought me. You'll always be in my heart, just like you'll always be in the heart of everybody who knew you. I'm really, really happy to have been so lucky to meet you. You still are my model. Even more now.


Lim said...
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Sharon said...

Luvee: I was sitting with Bob & Birdie having lunch a few weeks ago and we watched you walk by with your afternoon student. "He's a really great athlete" said Bob meaning you-not the student!.

You two were/are kindred spirits & I'm really glad I got to observe the camaraderie you shared. He was a lovely bright light and I feel extremely lucky to have met him-thanks for making that magic happen.

cammar said...

And what did you say when he said that? Did you sigh and say:"Ahhh... he really is!"

Bob rocked. Top 5 best persons I've ever met, for sure!
Kanaha is never gonna be the same without him.

Anonymous said...

...She more likely thought, "Sheez, this geezer may have been in the sun too long"

Anonymous said...

god bless you bob. clear winds forever....