Monday, May 08, 2006


Yesterday I went to a reggae concert in Kihei. A nice place right on the beach. Before the start, we enjoyed the sunset. Somebody else did the same. Here's two young girls taking a walk on the reef. It's quite shallow over there.

This guy was doing yoga (unfortunately I missed the most interesting poses...).

Natural fish ponds at low tide.

This old guy was on fire. After he danced with this lady, he invited all the young girls. No luck, though. Too bad he didn't invite me. I would have danced... just for the blog!
The band in the background were the openers: Inna vision. Local band, pretty darn good.

These ones, instead, were the main group: Soldiers Of Jah Army. Even though they played reggae, they rocked! Best reggae concert in the last couple of years.

Check also Sharon's blog for a great photo of the reggaest trash bin in Maui:

What else. Oh, yeah. Today's sailing session at Kuau was a lot of fun. And I was in the shower 10 minutes after I got out of the ocean. How cool is that!

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