Thursday, November 02, 2006


More... Laird on Sharon's blog.
More... Hookipa windsurfing videos on Makani's blog
More... of my articles on the italian windsurfing magazine Windnews (non si trova in tutte le edicole, per cui puo' darsi che dovrete girare un po'...).
More... bionde, rosce... me piaciono tutte!


Anonymous said...


Don't you have a feakin job? Surfing/Windsurfing/Kitesurfing all day long 24/7 on Maui???

And to top it off, you sit here bragging to the world and rub it in our noses.

Bad Karma, Dude

Yours Truly,

Jealous in NYC

cammar said...

Hehe, jelousy is not what I want to provoke here, but I understand that sometimes it can happen.
Hey, if it's too much pain for you, you can always dont' check the blog...
Regular jobs.. been there, done that.


Anonymous said...

Dont listen to that crap (anon form NYC)GP, good Karma comes to us (and you I hope)everytime there is a new post on your blog! It is our best reflection of the best holiday we ever had.....


Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

I was just joking. Love your blog.

Still Jealous in NYC