Wednesday, January 03, 2007

07 5* #2

What can I say... third day of the year and second 5 stars session.

In the morning I went out on my 5.0 and 87l. Waves of all sizes between chest and a overhead high. Half hour of great fun.
The wind got lighter and I picked the longboard. I put my finger-activated helmet cam on my head and shot a few clips.
This is the best one. Let me explain what it shows.
I catch a little wave and I ride it towards the left, upwind, starboard tack (mure a sinistra). I start the video and immediately jump on the back side of the sail, backwinding. From there I shoot the face of the wave, while I ride it goofy stance. You can see Pascal passing in front of me in the upwind channel.
The wave is small, but now that I finally seem to have figured out the angle of the camera, it shows that there is potential.
Oh, if you can't see it from here, try here.

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Here's a little photo. It shows the back of a wave and the Haleakala in the background.

After a sugar and carbohydrates rich lunch, I waited for the sunset session that lately has not been disappointing. I got out around 5 with the longboard. The wind was light and I started the Kanaha mary-go-round.
Then, all of a sudden, at 5.20 the wind picked up like crazy. It didn't look like a temporary thing, so I went back on the beach and switched to the 87l. The last reach in was in the closest possible thing to planing that a 12.6 can allow... smoking!

When I got out again, Jeff and his nephew joined me, Glenn and Chico to complete a Hot Sails Maui sunset sailing team. Only one other guy out.
Everybody was sailing quite inspired and even though the waves weren't epic, the incredibly strong and steady wind and the magic dark colors of the after sunset made the experience extraordinary.
The presence of Jeff, that rarely sails lowers, made it even more special... (got to be nice to the sailmaker...).

At 6 o'clock I decided that the wind had no intention to give up and I went to the beach again to switch to my little wave board... at 6 o-freaking-clock!

I sailed fullllly powered on the 5.0 till 6.30. Without full moon (cloudy at east tonight).
The last waves I caught, pretty much I didn't really see them. For some reason the last section was the darkest one and a couple of times I went for a bottom turn followed by a top turn just trying to remember what the wave usually does over there.
The first time, I did the top turn on the flat and laughed my ass off. Don't know what happened to the wave... lost in the darkness.
But the second time I was so lucky to hit the lip! Without seeing it. And that, you guys, felt pretty damn good.

Every single muscle of my body is sore... but it doesn't matter. Because every single muscle of my body is at the same time stoked.


Anonymous said...


sper che tu spent a buon natal with your amics in auaiiiii
no capitons no partyyyyyy

have a greaaaat 2007
lotta pussy and lottaa funn

Anonymous said...

Good fun, WAY overpowered on a 5.5m! Felt for Glenn on the 5.8m, ouch. Sailing home around 6 was an wild adventure, wind was so offshore. Home before dark though! Good fun with the "crowd" out there!

meesh said...

Once my trust fund comes through (all offers are welcome) I will happily give up my job and hang with you guys on the beach all day counting my QUOLI. Till then, any free time on the water is usually a 5 * event for me these days.

cammar said...

No capitons no party... Nano, you cracked me up again! Too bad only napolitans can understand it...

Talking about pussy, it's Jan 4th and I haven't got laid yet... too tired for so much sailing. I may need to switch some priorities here...

The second comment was by Jeff Henderson (Hot Sails Maui owner/designer). He was so kind to post a comment under my explicit request, otherwise you guys won't believe me... thanks!

5.5 and 5.8?!! No wonder you guys were flying! I was more confortable on a 5.0... also because I had a Superfreak and you guys had a Fire and a Smack... way too much power to handle for me!

cammar said...

Ops, we posted our comments at the same time, sistah Meesh.
Good job with the 5* attitude.
Surfing your ass off at Hoo, hu?

Michael said...

I like the QUOLI numbers. I will try to incorporate them into my windsurfing blog (, though my standards may not be quite as high as yours (you sail Maui, I sail Long Island, New York.)

Good luck with more camerawork FROM the board! Amazing just to try.

cammar said...

Michael... it's all relative. I'm sure you have plenty fun in Long Island!
Check my latest post for some sick helmet camera videos.