Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crazy Kona day 2

Yet another day of strong and gusty Kona wind with even bigger waves.

I sailed Kanaha, but I'll talk about that later in this post.
First, let me start with some text and photos that Pietro Porcella kindly sent me.

As last year Jaws Feb.6th, this time the Maui winter windsurfing
scoop was served on Jan.30th in Lanes, with the Kona wind blowing for
size 4.5/4.7 .
It was super difficult on the inside, but once they were in position,
Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard (after going on the rocks
the first time), Robby Swift, Tristan Boxford (2 on the rocks) offered
a special 'expression session' for the huge audience that gathered
in Hookipa. It was a free show.... on different tack!
Robby (Alii) Naish & Jason (Kupuna) Polakow offered the best show of
the all package.

Naish and Polakow got in the water from the rocks at Lanes instead of the beach of Hookipa. Mo' bettah.



Thanks Pietro for the contribution. In April Pietro will run the Chia Classic contest in Sardinia (Italy). Check for info.

I got on the hill a little late, just in time to see the last sailors getting out of the water.
Here's Kevin Pritchard in his very last turn.

Everybody left, but I had a bucket full of ice and a few beers in it, so I kept taking photos of the waves. The ones at Kuau offered the best perspective. Here's a couple.

More photos of yesterday's action on Ulli & Michelle's blog.


meesh said...

kin hysterial!! I decided to pass on the kona pm session also after I checked the windgraph down there!! what a session those guys had, just insane!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude!

I meant to check the blog all day, then i got swamped at work, and went home. But I decided to come back in to the office - and did no work as i was looking at pics on your blog :)

Thanks for wasting my night! No, really, thanks ;-)