Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Five stars and a full moon

I used almost everything I had in my car.

The day in the ocean started at 11 at lowers. 5.5 and 87l. Head high. Fun.
The wind picked up a notch or two and I switched to 5.0 and small wave board. Superfun.
Lunch and rest.
Back in the water at 4.30 with 5.5 and 87l again and waves up to logo high. The wind got really light. E che problema c'e'... no problem, I'll take the longboard. At that point for a while it was me, Glenn and Alan Cadiz on his kite sharing smiles and stoke, also because the wind picked up again (still comfortable on the longboard).

This time of the year 6 o'clock is usually the time for the very last wave, because it's quite dark. Tonight we could sail and extra half hour.
At 6 o'clock, in fact, Alan left, replaced by the full moon.
And at that point it was me, Glenn and the full moon. And TONS of waves.

Rest of the world, you don't know what you missed... ask Glenn!

Ranking of this session? Five stars and a full moon. Literally.


Anonymous said...

good job giampa!!!
u make me dreaming!!!
italian translation: me fai sognà!!!

chris said...

Hi Cammar,

Coincidentally you haven't met any surfing werewolves during your moon session, eheheh ???
If I just crack you up with my Italian I'll continue, it's very good pratice. Dangerous ANNO mistake... thanks for explaination!

Allora... sembra che hai fatto tutte per la qualita di vita.
Prendo una birra che c'e' bene condizione domani, qui la temperatura e un poco pui alta, 10 gradi (in gennaio!) anche la settimana dopo, c'e' vento e io lavaro il pommerigo... a vedere!


cammar said...

The main reason because I do all this is to make people dream (and because it's fun!), so thanks for letting me know that I'm successfull here and there.

Chris, I don't think you use an automatic translator, but for sure you use an online dictionary. Watch the spelling!
Allora, come era il vento?

chris said...

Si, ultilizzo il babel fish per le parole che io no so e la mia lista delle parole, chi si allunga ogni giorno. Anche ho allungato la grammatica mia, gracie al internet. Va Benissimo !!!

Il vento...c'e' moltissimo di momento e la temperatura rimane leggermente questa fine di settimana, ma la settima passata infine ho rovinato la boom per il 5.8, e quando il vento era bene per il 5.0 oggi pomeriggo, ero al lavoro...benissimo!
Pero... anche il longboard di mi vicinot mi attenda, forse c’e’ 20 nodi(prendo una birra…)... devo godare la temperatura di primavera !

Tu mangi il alimento rico del zucchero, e’ sano ? Io mangio pocito di zucchero.

Venga in contatto con una surfista, eheheh!

Saluti e buona notte qui/ buona giornata a Maui!

chris said...

ups, ...pomeriggIO, la birra, eheheh!

cammar said...

Allright, Chris asked me if it's healthy to eat sugar. Good question. Too bad I'm not a professional nutritionist, but here's what I know.

Maybe I should have been more precise and said that I eat a lot of fruit and the sugar that is in the fruit IS healthy. And it gives me immediate fuel to burn in physical activities.

I also add honey to my peanut/almond butter sandwiches... same as above.
And don't be deceived by the word butter (notoriously one of most unhealthy thing you can put in your stomach)...
Peanut and almond butter are healthy (unless you eat a whole jar and exceed you saturated fat daily quota, of course). Especially the ones I buy at Mana which I can grind/blend/squeeze (not sure about the word) myself from fresh organic peanuts/almonds.

Even though I try to select the one made with whole wheat, probably the bread is least healthy component of my tipical lunch... still waaaay healthier than anything that comes from animal flesh/milk.

Finally, a broader consideration.
Our uncestors, millions of year ago, survived solely on vegetables and fruit. Because the didn't have tools to catch animals, and even if they were able to catch them with their hands, they didn't have the tools to cut the flesh. Our canine teeth, in fact, are not long and sharp like the ones that tigers or even dogs have. In toher words, they are not designed to tear the flesh from a prey.

So, if they survived solely on fruit and veggies, that tells me that we are genetically made to live out of that and that would be the healthier way of eating.
And that's what I try to do.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) friends give parties with BBQs, and if the meat is good I just can't resist...

Let's say I'm a home-vegetarian!

Chris said...

I am sticking to the microbiotic diet (=greek long/ great life; Yoshi maybe too, as the idea of the diet is from a japanese philosopher)with the exeptions the experts do not know if that bad: coffee, little brown sugar (in jam)
alcohol and tabacco.

It means mostly to eat unpolished whole grains, veggies, fruit, beans and seeds and to be moderate with meat.
Beverage: Tea (best green), coffee, juices, cacao, beer and water.
Not to eat: all diary, eggs, red meat, raffinated (white) sugar
The food is still, or even more delicious... I replaced honey with rice or maple sirup (bees naturally do not go to their work for humans).
Thanks GP, for the idea about the amond butter, the peanut butter I allready love.
Exeptions from time to time do not matter.
They even say that all the violence in the world is caused by the bad food. Really kept me thinking about!
The diet promisses a long and cancer free life, just what you need if you still want to surf if you are 80.
Since years I used the in Europe quite popular baking machines: whole grain flour and added seeds, nuts and veggies (mais, pepers or carotts), it's really easy (waiting at the bakery takes longer) and healthy.
Importantly, I replaced the ordinary bad salt with the good sea salt.
GP, I'll post a picture of my bread in your email account, for my new up to 1300 gram deluxe baking machine, I just paid 40 eurobucks. Who still wants to wait and waste time at the bakery...has maybe too much time or loves waiting. I do not!!!