Sunday, January 21, 2007

Longboard sailing at Lanes

A lot of stuff to post, mostly pictures.

FIRST, some photos that Noa kindly took today while I was sailing with the longboard at Lanes.
A lot of fun.
Way more difficult than Kanaha: steeper and faster. Going left backside a few times I turned back and saw my clue in the barrell... and that was quite a satisfying vision... eheh...

Let's start with what has become my signature backwind move... jesus, I'm so vain and full of myself!

Trust me, that little bowl is pretty steep. The sail is almost touching the lip, I don't think I could have been any deeper than that. The lack of a shoulder makes the wave appear not that impressive. Nonetheless, I think this is a killer shot. Good job, Noa.

In the next one, it almost seems that I jumped. I didn't. Those boards are not made for jumping! I saw photos of some of the first production longboards with footstraps... even looping!
That's marketing crap.
What is the point of going out on a twelve footer and trying to loop? I mean, you need so much wind to even try to do that that it's a nonsense to use a longboard. Better get your floaty wave board!

Setting up a backside bottom turn on a nice looking one.

The board made it, but I got caught by the lip... serious over the fall action would follow shortly.

The wake of the board is in the barrel.

And after all this proud selfish show off (where did my humbleness go?), a little space to some art.
Out of dust... brilliant.

Francisco and Lalo Goya paddled out all the way smiling, as happy as they could be.

More photos of them surfing in a fat first block of 47 photos taken Saturday.
And 7 more from today.

E mo', m' vac' a cucca'... azz!


Sharon said...

"stuck on the inside" lol-pure genius!

cammar said...

I looked for a photo of a surfer stuck on the inside to post just before yours, but I couldn't really find a good one...

Again, Meesh (or any Mac user without Firefox), if you read this would you try to post a comment and let me know in case it didn't work? Thanks.

Robin said...

Cool to see those longboarding pics Mr. Wuderman. Hopefully we will have the big red pretty soon in Holland so I can see what we can do with it over here. B.T.W. I believe those thingies are called clothes pegs or in Dutch 'was knijpers' (washing pinchers)

alberto said...

Thanks to Sharon I definitely understood what "stuck on the inside" means! :-)

You are turning on interest in longboard sailing in my mind. I think it could work even at my home spot in all that light-wind days with waves. Comparing to a windsurf board, how many litres is your 12'?

Respect and admiration to the ever smiling Goya guys. I firmly believe that such a positive attitude can improve the world. But living in that paradise makes it easier!

alberto said... bad english!!
Not "ever smiling", always smiling, I mean!

Cammar, ma chevvoi diventar psicologo? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey GP;
you are in the "pic of the day" @!

meesh said...

it works
it doesn't work - lets see
nice pics, was that your camera?

meesh said...

it works!

cammar said...

Cloth pegs, that's it! Thanks.

As for the increasing interest in longboard sailing, let me quote myself in a post I did on the Hot Sails forum...

"When I started windsurfing at age 20, back in 1983, the HiFly HF 300 was the only board I had and from 5 to 25 knots it was all good... on the same sail! You think there was windguru back then?
So we are pioneers of... what?... the return of what windsurfing used to be 25 years ago!!"

My board is 12.6x26"x4", no idea of how many liters... prolly just like my HiFly HF 300... no need to know the liters! It floats like a huge turd!

Marcos, thanks for pointing that out. I sent them an email asking to mention the blog...

Meesh, thanks for the successfull test. Still, I regret I switched to this new version of blogger. The only main advantage is that you can label your posts... feature that I don't even use!

Looks like it might turn into a killer longboard sailing sesh today (Tuesday 1 23). Big swell on the rise (Hookipa is already logo high at 10am) and light cross-onshore wind. If it steers a little more to the side, Kanaha is going to be awesome. I'll make sure to wear my helmet cam...
Got to go!

cammar said...

Oh, and yes, that was my camera... I wished he used a little more zoom, but he did great for being the first time he was using it...