Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Maui trash bin

Yet another fun 4.0 and windswell sesh today.

The only photo I took was this one in Makawao. Been kinda windy and gusty lately...

Not quite enough for a post, but here's a clip (thanks Rick) that will make up for it.

Tomorrow there will be a moderate one day NW swell. The Starboard crew is here too (saw Boujmaa and McKercher) and that adds to the show. More N swell on Monday and NW on Tuesday. Even South on Monday!
I'm off tomorrow, so I may go for early and late sessions with photo shooting in between. You lucky bastards...

Watch out! Webcast alert for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I take it those are dolphins - my oh my - I got to see a couple of whales when I was last over there but those fish must have been a sight to behold.


cammar said...

Yes, dolphins from Garden Cove, Newfoundland.