Wednesday, November 04, 2009

awesome monday (and tuesday)

I'm running out of titles here...

You guys lucky. It's wednesday morning and once again I'm beat up from too much awesome sailing yesterday and I don't feel like going surfing. And even though I got a thousand projects, I'm going to delay them again and post the photos from Monday. Blogging, what an addiction... well, at least it looks like you guys are enjoying. Thanks for all the compliments in the comments and at the beach.

Let's start the show. Well, guess who gets the photo of the day? The usual Levi... (Mark will be stoked to be in the background!).

And now the rest of the bunch.
Mark Angulo.


Mark in one of his crazy rotation. He's completely mad.


Mark. Perfect wave 360 UNDER the lip.

Nice one, Anatol.


Levi. Love the simmetry in this shot: the photographer on the right is Jace Panebianco shooting for The Windsurfing Movie 2 and the one on the left is Erik Eader.

Kai K.

Browsinho, king of the goiter.


Always happy, always smiling, always positive energy... and ripping hard! Nayra Alonso, what a girl!

Keith. Nice shorts, brah!

Get out of there, Nayra!

My client Lucas continues to score good shots. Is this the start of a professional photographer carrier for me? Nah, it's just one of the many ways I find to get a little extra cash (in a fun way) so that I can have even more time to play! Wonna have a (cheap!) photoshoot in Maui? The email is on the right...


Kai Lenny.

Glenn finds a ramp.

Philippe too.

Quatro's shaper and top team rider together.


My sessions report.
Monday wasn't good for me. In the morning I was testing a new board and struggled to tune in. In the evening I was just too tired and decided to cut it short and go for a beer.
Tuesday instead... did I say in the last post that Kanaha was now too soft of a wave for me? I take that immediately back. Classic Lowers winter conditions. Super fun mushy rollers to play with. It feels so good to go all the way up there on logo/mast high waves and hit the crumbling lip without any fear at all...
What a difference in steepness and power compared to Hookipa, where I'm quite nervous even if it's just head high.
I caught a wave around 6.10 and did three turns so good that I felt like Francisco Goya. Even though there was probably light for a couple of more waves, I decided that that was a feeling good enough to sail back in... good idea! Imagine if I caught those two more waves and did some typical GP's fuck-ups instead...

All of a sudden, the forecast looks great for the whole week. Here's the summary of the NOAA forecast: Outlook through Monday Nov 9: rough surf along north and exposed east facing shores will decline late tonight and Wednesday as the short period north swell subsides. A new north northwest swell will build on Wednesday, producing surf near the 15 foot advisory level along north facing shores Wednesday night and Thursday. Another north northwest swell will maintain moderate surf through Saturday, with a decline on Sunday and Monday. A small south swell is possible Thursday through the weekend.
Plenty trades too. If September was great and October sucked (for windsurfing, I mean), November sure had a good start...
I'm going to add that if you are in Baja, in a few days there will be a major NW swell... check out that fetch!

My car needed new backdoor support lifts. At the shop they were $110 each! A friend (thanks Frank!) pointed me to an online shop that had them for $25 each, new. How's that possible? Anyway, they just arrived and I will finally go back to using my plyers for more proper purposes... life gets better and better!

Almost forgot. Jammin Jones sends the link to his Paia Halloween photo album. Who's number 9?? And more importantly, where was I???!!


keith said...

fyi, try this next time (it's better than pliers)...


cammar said...

Thanks Keith, but that looks way sketchy. Plyers are pretty solid.

Jamin said...

GP - I'm working on a blog to make it easier to see all the fashion photos:

perhaps you could link to that instead. As for the girls in photo #9, I wish I had more photos cause there was a lot more of that going on. Unfortunately the PB bunny left early. I'm not even sure if that was a custume - I think she went to work!

Meesh said...

You missed photo number 9 because you were at home boycotting Halloween (aka the biggest T & A night on the calendar!!!!)

cammar said...

That's right.
I hate when my principles go against my passions...

mark said...

I will take honor in being in the background of the pic of the day! As a kook!