Monday, November 02, 2009

Awesome sunday

What a couple of gorgeous days we had here in Maui: big waves, wind and sun!

Sunday Hookipa was a great show with sets over mast high, very difficult conditions with a strong current that created big chops on the wave face. Nonetheless, a bunch a very good sailors were out there ripping it up.

Different sailors may excel in specific categories. For example Keith is the one that goes more vertical, Browsinho is incredibly consistent in sticking goiters, Mark Angulo is the craziest and so on... but if you ask any Hookipa sailor who they think the best is, I bet you will only hear one name: Levi Siver.
He sailed divinely and deserved the photo of the day.

Another good shot: Browsinho bottom turning on a monster.

From now on, chronological order.
After an early morning Kanaha session together, Nico called me to tell me that Hookipa was sailable and there were people out. He added:"there's also some good looking girls on the cliff. Take care of that..."





Kai K.

Luke, just before...

...he went on the rocks.

Soon to be followed by Mr. Diffin.

And by Polo, also known as the argentinian Ligabue.


I was shooting Lucas again. I think he's going to be happy about the return of his investment.

Not too bad for being his first time in Maui...

I'm sure this guy has some very good reason to protect his skin from the sun. Please believe me that I don't mean to make fun of him at all.
I just hope he has a good sense of humor when I say that every time I see him, I can't help myself but thinking of the sperms in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask" ...

Here, 10 very fun minutes. Woody Allen: what a genius! Roll out the tongue!

Where were we? Camille.


Jesse Brown.





Francisco Porcella had a slow start. My guess was Halloween hangover. But then he recovered...



And then he went over to Lanes to catch a couple of lefts...

... and practice that upwind taka thing.

Francisco P.

Kai K.

I also took a shitty short video.

My session report.
Yoga in the morning was great. 11 o'clock session at Kanaha was good only in the first half hour. Then it got choppy and crowded. Photoshoot session at Hookipa was awesome. Sunset session at Kanaha was good (even though not epic... is it that I need a more powerful wave now? Nah, it just wasn't epic...).
To top it off, I had dinner in front of Juventus - Napoli.
Here's how it went in the colorful comment of a very impartial napolitan commentator...

Yes, it was an awesome sunday indeed.

PS. I got plenty shots from today (Monday) too, but I feel like I need a break from blogging. See you guys in a few.

PPS. Sharon got some great photos too.


katie said...

Sick conditions over there GP! Gutted I'm not there anymore :( Ireland's going off at the moment though so can't complain......except for the 5mil wetsuit I have to wear :( Keep livin the dream and say hey to everyone for me, especially the guys at HiTech, :) Katie

Brian McDowell said...

Go back it's a Blow Job!

flying_frenchman said...

Hi GP, it seems Levi and Camille were on twinsers on your photos. Are they having second thoughts about quad fins? Any feedback on the 2, 3 or 4 fins debate?
Thanks for the good work,

Sharon said...

'kinel....all other commentators will now pale in comparison to this bloke, lmfao!

cammar said...

Katie the cutie! Hi dear, will do. Believe it or not, I'm planning a Brandon Bay trip next september... da hell is wrong with me?!?
Shall we wear some rubber together? ;)

Brian, how about his face when he says:"what if it's an homosexual encounter?"

Alain, the debate is only at the start and they're still figuring it out... no definitive feedback yet.

Sharon, si gonfia la rete, si gonfia la rete!
Auriemma is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

1. The guy in white - I'm sure he'll laugh. Pretty nice guy and he was definitely charging out there. The Woody Allen video is epic GP. Soooo funny.

2. Levi was back on a quad today. Camille said he was waiting for his new quads...

Anonymous said...

fantastic pics !
super giampaolo..this is kind of energy juice for a waverider living in town I am !
Levi's first pic it's "poesia pura " !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

amazing post GP! you keep outperforming yourself! the woody allen clip was amazing too.
Interesting to see the multifin 'revolution' not over. Just saw a recent pic from Kauli, who started it all (2, then 4...) sailing a one-finned board.

EdgardoT said...

Great shots Giampaolo! BTW Nico -my old sailing friend in BUE- is on all details, as usual...