Wednesday, November 25, 2009

first HD gopro clip + upcoming Jaws

This is the first clip I shot with the new HD GoPro.

first gopro HD clip from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

The action is not that exciting and there's a couple of drops on the lens, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how crisp the image is. And I didn't even select the highest resolution. And uploading it to a vimeo (or youtube) reduces its quality. But still, compare it to this other one shot with the regular definition wide angle and you'll see the difference...
I'll do a more extensive report on the camera when I have a bit more experience (and better footage!).
Oh, I was trying the chest mount. Nice angle from between the harness lines...

Wednesday morning, the dawn of a giant NW swell episode that should last a couple of days. With all these pros in town and a strong wind forecast (at least for Thursday), Jaws is going to be packed. I heard of three helicopters, plenty jet skis, hordes of people on the cliff filming and watching.
I'll make sure to be somewhere else, sailing relatively uncrowded waves...

PS. Don't miss the live action at Sunset beach in Oahu for the first day of the surf contest. It's going to be massive over there. I actually doubt they will run it... we'll see. BTW, the webcast is also on OC16: I'm going to record it and watch it tonight (if I'm still alive...).
Plenty Maui surfers in the first round:
- Ola Eleogram in heat 1
- Clay Marzo in heat 4
- Hank Gaskell in heat 5
- Kai Barger in heat 14
- Granger Larsen in heat 15

Talking about surf contests, Thursday (Thanksgiving day) the annual Paia Bay invitational surf contest will be held. Unfortunately I have to work till 1.30 and won't be able to take part. Bummer.
Well, actually, with this kind of forecast I'm kind of relieved... the (alternative) Bay can get gnarly with that size...
Have fun without me, you guys. Be safe!


Anonymous said...

hi GP,
too bad you are not joining the masses to report about an epic jaws day... I still remember like yesterday your brilliant coverage of those epic kona Lanes days with laird, polakow, naish & Co killing it... I can only imagine what could you do with your camera and sharp prose after floating on a jet ski next to the break at jaws on the right day...

Sharon said...

Nice pigeon imitation at 58 seconds!

cammar said...

thanks a lot for the appreciation.
Looks like Jaws had not enough wind for most of the day anyway...

you will have to explain me that... couldn't really see it. You mean when I hook in the harness?