Monday, November 30, 2009

birds and waves

Let's get rid of the birds first.

Not exactly the same bikini top that Stephanie Gilmore wore when she won the contest at Sunset the other day (and together with that her third consecutive world title), but sure looks cute.

I have three questions for you, dear asian beauty.
1) what's up with the double leash?
2) who put the pad on that board?! A few inches more forward and it would be good for nose riding!
3) how do you clean the wax off the piercing?

And now the waves.
12 feet, 9 seconds from NE and 9 feet 12 seconds from NW made for a big mess on the north shore.
Pascal knew better.

Like often happens in light wind, the kiters impressed me a lot. Specially this guy.

Let's see who throws more spray:

Uff, I don't know...
It's early for new year resolutions, but here's (a conditional) one: forget about trying to learn in winter time (I'm too busy surfing and wavesailing), but IF next summer I'll be in Maui, I'll give kitesurfing another try.
Ok, and now let's start planning where to spend next summer...

Here's a brief forecast.
This week: big waves.
Next week: bigger waves.

This post is dedicated to a friend who left today for a short mainland trip. Brah, you missed a really fun session. Wind forecast doesn't look good though, so no more torture posts for you. Oh wait, I forgot you surf too...
Oh well, there will be plenty more... technically winter hasn't even started yet.

God, it's already December though!! I'm about to panic... soon it's going to be June! Can't waste time, can't miss sessions. Time to go to sleep. Tomorrow morning there's more waves to be caught. Goodnight.


Magnum said...

Man, I was really missing those lovely birds. Keep'em coming!

I've tried kiteboarding. Nothing special, but sure it's potentially much more dangerous than windsurfing.

All the best

Anonymous said...

The kiteboarder in the photo is John Matthews. He kites w/Naish equipment.

Dave said...

Nice post G. Glad evryone out there had a fun sesiion.I'm actually OK with missing a good session now and then. As long as it is for a good reason. Which right now it is. In my twenty years on Maui I've always felt Nov. was pretty much the best month of the year for wavesailing. And I must say,this might have been the best Nov. I've ever had. The rock was firing!!
Aloha, Dave

cammar said...

Absolutely agree, Dave. November has been bloody awesome, whoever came to Maui for wavesailing scored big time.
Judging from the start, December is going to be a whole different story. Humongous back to back swells episodes are on tap, but not much wind. There will be occasional short periods of wind from directions most likely different from the usual trades.
That's when the local knowledge will play a big role.
We'll see. All my surfboards are waxed...

Anonymous said...

kite boarder john Matthews is so hot but such a flirt.
he always offers me hands on lessons:)))