Saturday, November 21, 2009

water shots!

Boy, was Hookipa crowded today or what?

I chose to sail there only because there were two friends in the water that would have taken photos of me.
Very hard to catch the good waves when the level of the other sailors is so incredibly high like in these days (most pros are here), but thanks to the talent of Francky, I got a couple of nice shots!

Tomorrow is going to be pretty damn big. Unfortunately I have to work in the morning and I won't able to take photos of Hookipa. Hopefully Francky will. Check his website for that, he's got some really good shots.

This one is Morgan. Great colors: Superfreak, rainbow, shorts...

And this one is Glenn on his new Quatro custom quad.

These are the photos I took instead.
Monsieur Bergeron.

Monsieur Albeau. We had a nice swim for our boards together. He beat me.


Long time no see something like that.

The buoys are already sensing the forerunners (1 foot 22 seconds at Waimea) of the new NW swell.
I just received my new HD Gopro camera. Time to put it to work...

PS. Sunday and Monday will see the last two days of the surf contest at Haleiwa. Live webcast here. Start at 8am Hawaii time.


nico said...

passo spesso il mio tempo a chiedermi se a leggere il tuo blog non mi faccia del male.. tu non cambiare, caro mio pusher.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why you spend so much time in the water - it's so people can take pictures of you!

Wasn't there a song by Carly Simon called "You're so vain" - could she have meant you?


nico said...

#2 shot: sooooo committed... good shots gp.

Anonymous said...

GP - you're ripping. That bottom turn is sick. See you out there. Ciao - Alex

Sharon said...

That first photo is a winner and I can't wait to see what comes out of the lens of the new Gopro. I gotta get one and squish my Gopro envy.

Mr_Wolly said...

brilliant blog man..

wind & water conditions awesum..

fuh yeah..full on...

aloha fr SGP