Wednesday, February 24, 2010

awesome outer reef SUP sesh

After that magic session on Monday, Tuesday an extra large NW swell made the north shore a big close out and fired up the outer reefs.

Bart and I paddled to one of them and scored some beautiful, big (bigger than it looks), glassy, clean and peeling waves together with two other standup paddlers and a couple of tow teams.

I had the camera mounted on the paddle and this is the result.

14 years old Joao Marco Maffini and 13 years old Chaz Kazuma Kinoshita, instead were being towed at Jaws and this is a little video of that.

Four hours of Jaws action were webcasted by

This morning (Wednesday) I snapped my favorite surfboard. Post with photos coming up soon.

Forecast: the glassy days are about to end.

PS. A blog reader sent me an email regarding a missing 43 yo woman called Laura Vogel. Here's an article with her photo and the numbers to call if you have information about her.


Ferdy said...

aah nice photo's, especially because my local spot in Holland is still full of ice and i'm hoping for warm water now! (ice CAN be fun too..)

cammar said...

Ferdy, I can see that from your blog...

Leedslass said...

I found this most interesting to view your world from a different angle.

La Boite A truc said...

Wonderfull !
I love your pics on the paddle

I will by a Gopro asap.