Monday, February 22, 2010

A bit al dente...

That's how Swedish sailor Ola Helenius defined the conditions at Hookipa yesterday. He also added that he received a nice treat by that set... I bet!

Even Robby got mashed (thanks Douglas).

What another magnificent day in paradise!

Yet another major NW swell hit the hawaiian islands. After a morning surf session at Kanaha, I went to Hookipa to take a few pics. I really like this one.

This is my buddy Griffin waiting for a better moment to paddle through the channel. I wonder what he's thinking...

And these are a few surfers at Middles, starting from Kuau resident Ian Walsh.

Then the wind picked up a notch and a few sailors ventured out.
Mark Angulo had some really good waves, but my respect goes to all who went out.

These are the rest of the photos. The other two sailors are Ferdinando (Maui Sails) and Bernd (little Naish).

After that more sailors went out, but I decided to go get some action myself. The wind at Kanaha was veeery light, to the point that only a few down the line rides were allowed. But the waves were just gorgeous.
I caught some of the best lefts ever, rode them on the back side of the sail goofy stance and had a blast at it.
Allright, it's now 7am monday morning, time to go catch more of those lefts, this time laying down on my surfboard.

PS. Plenty big swells on the horizon this week. Dave Troup is planning of doing a live webcast from Jaws.
Check the Surfline 5 days forecast... even a south swell! This winter is just ridiculously good...


Anonymous said...

Wow - conditions look awesome. I'm bummed I missed it. And only 3 people out... those are the best days.

Another 3 weeks and I should be able to make it back on the water. Can't wait.

Thanks for pics Giampolo... loving the blog. Ciao - Alex

Sharon said...

I think Griffin is not thinking but having a concentrated wee before paddling out. Fab photo's btw.

Magnum said...

Man, you are getting stunning photos, you could make a living of it! Great report. Enjoy your life in paradise.
All the best