Thursday, February 04, 2010

together for... september! + friends + contests

Recently I saw a photo of two young lovers sweetly looking at each other with the caption "together forever".
Being allergic to the word forever, here's my version with the model of the month Marcela. The caption is the first part of the title of this post.

My friend Bill Boyum is a great massage therapist. If you're looking for one, email me and I'll send you his number. Here he is body surfing Lanes in a sick photo taken by Darrel Wong.

Talking about sick photos of friends, here's Jeff Henderson in a recent surf trip.

And still talking about friends, lovely Samantha Bittner is organizing a windsurfing wave contest in Pistol River, Oregon June 17th - 20th. Here's the contest website (and facebook page) where you can also find a video of the spot, featuring two other friends and Maui rippers: Russ Faurot and Jake Miller. A bit onshore, but it looks like fun if you like jumping. Have fun guys! Hopefully I'll be in Oahu instead...

And still talking about windsurf contests and friends, ex Maui ripper Eyal Shelef (now back to his home country of Israel) won a local contest appropriately named Storm Rider. More beautiful photos on this Hot Sails Maui Forum thread.

11.45 am of a windy (for a change!) Thursday. How come I'm posting and not sailing? 'Cause I'm in bed with a bad cold. Last time I was sick was in January 09.
That's allright, I can live with being sick once a year... makes you appreciate better when you're healthy.
And I needed a rest anyway.
And I got computer work to do.
And I have a good book to read.
Yes, there's good things even out of being sick... you just got to have the right attitude to find them.

ALWAYS look at the bright side of things...

PS. One more: nice trailer of a documentary about windsurfing in Bonaire.


Anonymous said...

Hi GP!
This is a very nice video
- and you ate in it at 0.40!

Meesh said...

Hahhaaa. I think it's easy to have the right "sick" attitude when the weather is cold, the waves are junk and the wind is onshore though!!! I think I've got "sick" attitude today too, and could easily stay out da water hang with a cuppa sick or not!!

cammar said...

see the comments of the previous post.

the sensor is indicating 21.5 from ENE at Hookipa. And the guys out at Kanaha on the webcam are sure having more fun than me in this exact moment...
Trust me, if I wasn't sick, I'd be sailing right now.

Now, this zen "sick attitude" is lasting for today, first day of sickness.
If the bug lasts for a few days, it's possible that you'll hear me speaking different words...

Anonymous said... also has some stuff

Anonymous said...

Get well soon - a McVities might help!