Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nico and Jason: magic out of nothing

That's what those two guys (whose last names are Drasimino and Diffin) were able to pull out yesterday.

Check this shot of Jason.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to tell Blogger to open the photos in a new window, so I would recommend PC users to right click on it and select "open in a new window". Just follow the instructions, please.

Did you go "wow!"? Well, that's what I said too, while watching the photo on the LCD screen immediately after I took it. A few seconds of incredulity later, I raised my head to look at the ocean again. Just the time to zoom all the way out, and that's how it looked like...
Right click and open in a new window please.

Now toggle between the two photos. Do they look like they were taken in two completely different days or what? Instead, the time stamp of both says: 2/9/2010 4.17pm.
Can't see Jason in the second one because he's on the left of it, but there's no more than 10-15 seconds between the two shots.
Very offshore wind, light on the inside, gusty on the outside. Inconsistent waist to shoulder high sets with occasional rare head high waves.
Nico tweaking it.

Total number of sailors: 6 to 10 (trust me, it looked really bad). Some of them were pretty decent sailors like Anatol, Glenn, Cookie, Pato, but no one could even get close to matching the impeccable wave selection and timing of those two inspired ones.
Nico, very clean execution.

I sat to take photos only for half an hour and, as I said, the sets were inconsistent, yet these two were always on a wave. It was actually a pretty busy photoshoot for me!

And they were sticking about 90% of their aerials.
Nico over the grass at the end bowl.


I was following someone riding a wave and saw Nico at the very last moment getting a gust and going for a jump. Nico has the best backloop at Hookipa, in my opinion. Actually, I love Francisco Goya's ones just as much... must be an argentinian thing.
Should I link it again? Should I? Da hell, I'm never going to get tired to watch it... Ladies and gentlemen, once again this is the youtube clip of Nico's megabackloop.



My lens can be very indiscreet at times.

The new swell went from 2 feet, 18s at 3pm to 17 feet, 17s from 309 degrees at midnight. It's 6.20 am and I'm pretty much ready to go surf.
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nico said...

last picture will increase your stats, man... ;-)

Anonymous said...

terrific pics GP !! maybe first one my favorite
What do you think about the World tour classic and the "friction" with PWA....I guess it's only a money issue....isn't it ! I'm totally pro the wave classic tour "format"... I think it's the only way to promote and enjoy the real spirit of our "wave soul".


Davide Giardini said...

Good stuff.
Maui's looking better than Rhode Island for suuuure.
See ya one day soon, GP!

flying_frenchman said...

Seems like quad fins boards are being widely adopted now?

cammar said...

M, whatever works to organize a contest is a good thing. PWA doesn't have the same recognition as ASP in surfing as a "world tour". Mick Fannins IS the world champion of surfing, because he won a super well organized tour made by 11 events held all over the world and to qualify to which you need to earn points in another very well organized set of international contests called WQS.
PWA is not even remotely close to such a thing. So, I don't see where the friction should be. So, all contests are welcome, because they will do good to the sport no matter what.

FF, if you're talking about Hookipa sailors, that is kinda true.