Monday, February 15, 2010

a couple of Mimosa's

Considering that my time is not infinite, would you rather have less photos with caption or more photos without caption? This post is an example of the latter.

I do feel like writing a bit of introduction, though.

This amazing Maui winter just blessed us with two other gorgeous days.
Sunday I surfed and sailed (slog and surf) Kanaha. Three sessions for a total of more than four hours in the water.
I went home knackered and someone prepared me a Mimosa: how lovely!

I drank a couple of those (plus a couple of glasses of wine at dinner), and alcohol is not exactly the best when you need to re-hydrate. As a consequence, I didn't rest well and today I was pretty weak.

But Hookipa was too good to pass. My favorite conditions: pure slog and surf and some really clean waves. I only lasted one hour, but it was definitely worth it.
After that, you guessed it, I took photos. A lot of them. Here's a guideline of what you're going to find:
- a bunch of Robby Swift, who sailed the best
- a bunch of bottom turns of Francisco Goya
- a bunch of mutant attempts of Mark Angulo (he stuck two on the back and one on the front, at least when I was watching)
- a surfer dude that does superman
- a bunch of other sailors.


Tomorrow, onshore wind in the afternoon. I better go to sleep and try to dawn patrol, before it becomes crap... so to speak.

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wind34 said...

super nice foto's!!
really like/love to follow this blog.

nice job!
greets fellow blogger