Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Also geese surf

Buoy readings at 5am.
SE Hawaii buoy: 3.1ft @ 16s from S (182°)
West Lanai buoy: 2.2ft @ 17s from SSW (192°)
W Hawaii buoy: 2.8ft @ 15s
Barbers point buoy: 2.6ft @ 17s from S (190°)

Should be a fun day today... secret plan is not happening again, nonetheless I'll spend the whole day on the south shore.

Beautiful uncle Pat's forecast.
And that's the first little fetch of wind north of us oriented towards us that I've seen in at least three months.

In meteorology, that is technically called "the light at the end of the tunnel"...

PS. They're holding off the event in Tahiti, because slightly overhead is not spectacular/challenging enough for the best 32 surfers in the world. Hats off to contest director Luke Egan!!!


wally said...

lol, some serious dropping in going on there ...

James Douglass said...

That geese surfing video made my day. I guess I'm easily entertained. :)