Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tahiti contest day 1 highlights

Yesterday, first day of the Tahiti contest and it was immediately a great show.

Below the highlights... how's those waves of CJ?

Let me also point out that they are now calling the heats on demand with the name of "heat analyzer". Check it out how cool this is. You can skip right to the waves, the interviews and everything that mattered during that heat.
They're getting close to perfection. Perfection would be a thing like that but with the additional option of not displaying the final result and the waves scores until they get ridden and displaying instead the score situation at any point in time.
In that way, if you don't know who won the heat or what happened, you can watch the condensed action without having any suspence or drama spoiled.
Mmm... maybe I should email them this?

Today they called a day off, even though it's still beautiful, because they know it's going to be bigger/better... Tomorrow they'll run for sure, so tune in

Not a single wave to ride instead here in Maui.


Dave said...

Some nice waves GP, nicer bikini's though :)

cammar said...

Uff, that's a tough one...