Friday, August 19, 2011

bit of a forecast

Usually towards the end of August Maui's north shore starts seeing some kind of swells from the North.

Not this year. August 5th was the last day with some decent waves and after that it was just flat.
Note: thigh high at Hookipa is considered (by me) flat.
From what I can see from the maps there won't be a decent wave breaking at Hookipa for at least 10 more days.

South shore instead keeps looking alright. Right now it's tiny, but there's another good Tuesday ahead and I'm off again. I didn't manage to go for the secret project last time, let's see if it happens this time.

And after that swell, it should be good again. This is the weather map scheduled to happen in a couple of days and that's the beautiful fetch that will generate that huge swell for Tahiti.

Surfline's forecast for Tahiti reflects that. I still think those days are going to be too big for the contest, but I've never been there, so what do I know...
It would be great if they would finish the contest by the 26 and after that everybody would still be there to tow into those monster caves of water. It would be probably the best documented big Teahupoo action ever, considering that all the media would be there and the best surfers in the world too...

The contest starts tomorrow and today at 10am there will be a live webcast of free surfing. The best surfers in the world tuning up with the heaviest wave in the world without the stress of having to post a good score. I'll watch it...
And timely enough Prince Faster has just finished an awesome live streaming program on radio rock.

God, I love the internet!

PS. Superlative (as usual) description of the Teahupoo mechanics by Sean Collins.
PPS. Just tuned in and watched Dusty Paine getting a sick stand up barrell... and today it's supposed to be 3 to 4! Commentators are saying that with that forecast, more than when to run, the contest organizers will have to decide when not to run!!!
OMG, Jadson Andre, barrel and screaming cutback... you can tell how much free-er (spelling?) these guys surf when they're not competing...
Wow, Dusty again! And CJ as deep as it gets...
This is great!

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