Thursday, August 25, 2011

waves, forecasts and archive photo

Let's see what I'm gonna post about today... how about waves and surfing?

Tahiti is on hold and in fact the webcast shows rough stormy surf.
But, if you were jonesing for live webcast, there's a wqs contest in Virginia Beach right now.
These guys better complete their contest before they get hit by Hurricane Irene. Which will definitely create some problems this weekend all along the east coast of USA from South Carolina up. Surfline discussion here. Good luck and be safe to everyone over there.

After that it will turn into a "regular" North Atlantic storm and create a big, long fecth of wind for the delight of the European surfers from Ireland down to France. Wish I was in Brandon Bay for that swell...

Well, not really. Maui's water is warmer and will see some fun waves too in the next few days.

In the meantime, Maui's north shore is finally seeing some kind of waves. I surfed Hookipa yesterday afternoon and this morning. Kinda crappy, but it was nice not to have to drive 30 minutes to go surf.

But the south shore will still be the primary place for surfing in the next coming days.

Even though the big Tahiti swell will miss us to the east, will still get plenty energy from the angular spreading of it. Surfline is calling for a 7-8 feet, 19 seconds on Wednesday, but Monday afternoon and Tuesday should be fun too. I try to never get too excited for a south swell, but it's going to be hard this time...

More waves. Big swell hit G-Land and here's Surfline's report. Wonder if Kai and Francisco got some of it...

What, a post with no photos? Mmm... let me look what I can find in the archive... How's this one?

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Anonymous said...

hi GP what about kay and francisco ( porcella ? )..are they in Indo windsurfing or what ? where ? let us know more news about that bye !!!!