Saturday, August 06, 2011


Summertime continues with a lovely alternance (just made up this word) of small south swells, sailable windswell episodes at Hookipa and standup downwinders. Not a bad summer, for sure.

Talking about SUP downwinder, Standup journal has published an article in which I claim to have done the first one ever. Well, originally I wrote that I thought I did, but they changed the words in a more affirmative way... too late to fix when I realized it. Who cares anyway...
I did win the first official race (four standup competitors in total!), that's pretty much for sure. Amazing the number of people that got into the sport and the level of specialization of the equipment that happened shortly after.
I still do my downwinders on that 50 pounds good old Timpone though...

Thanks to the Standup journal for publishing it. Believe it or not, that was my first paid article in English. 'Bout time!

We're in standup mode, let's enjoy this video that Dave Kalama posted on his blog. What a surfer he is!

And still talking about magazines, this is a photo published by Windsurfing. See those stones carefully placed under the ladies hills so that they wouldn't sink in the sand?
I did that. And, since Francky was super focused on getting the light right (tricky backlit shot at sunset), I was also nominated by Shawna as the director of the poses... that was a fun photoshoot!

Yesterday the local windswell peaked and there were some fun waves to play with at Hookipa. Very short period (8 seconds), not as fun as the California windswell of the beginning of the week (10 seconds and better direction), but still better than flat.
Jimmie caught a bottom turn of me. More, much better photos in his FB gallery.

This is the weather map predicted for the south pacific on Monday. That's a serious fetch that unfortunately won't stay in that position for long. But I predict high surf advisory on Monday August 15.

I'm still selling these two boards. 9.3x27.5 Kazuma SUP.

2011 74l Quad IQ Starboard. Email me for details.

Plunger and liquid plumber didn't work. Now what do I do?

PS. US Open of surfing happening at Huntington beach. Quarter final Slater vs Burrow coming up soon on the live webcast.
PPS. Congrats to Graham Ezzy who won the AWT contest in Punta San Carlos.


TonyWind said...

C'mon, you are an engineer, take off and clean the P-trap! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the hard work Franky and you put in the photo shot, but I find this picture no matter what they are or they do they have to hold mop and duster first.
I like to think that it was not your idea,,,,,,

cammar said...

TW, I must be a different kind of engineer, since I have no idea of what a P-trap is! :)
I'll figure it out...

read the article for different opinions on that photo. No, it wasn't my idea.

TonyWind said...

It's that piece of bent pipe under the sink. It's usually easy to un-screw and clean. If the clog isn't there then you are in trouble :) Anyways, if I was in in your situation (wind and/or waves all the time) I wouldn't have time to mess around with this kind if shit either :) We rather have you blogging than plumbing....

Green Mountain Realty said...

Just found this blog and loving it.

Weasels wake said...

Placing stones under heels, some people have all the luck.
Proof positive ~

cammar said...

great find!
Shawna's full post here:

cammar said...

Wait a moment... why are those links getting truncated?

Let me try again.

cammar said...

Well, that sucks! Is it my new computer?

Anyway, let me split the link in three sections. YOu guys can try to copy and paste together.