Wednesday, October 26, 2011

found harness at Hookipa + I'm ready for the contest (to be over) + Jimmie's selection

Yesterday Tursday 25 I found a harness at Hookipa. Email me to identify it.

Tomorrow Thursday 27 is the start of the Maui Makani contest. Everybody I meet asks me:"Are you ready for the contest?"
My answer just changed from:"look, it's going to be fun but I couldn't care less of how I do in the contest" to "yeah, I'm ready for the contest to be over and all these people to go back where they came from!"

I know I sound unfriendly and controversial, but Hookipa is just not sailable anymore. I didn't think that a contest would attract so many sailors! Yesterday they counted 60 people out. In below average (read shitty) conditions.
I'm happy there is a contest, and I'll be happy when it's over (even though it will take a few additional weeks/months to go back to normal).

Anyway, tonight inauguration party at the Ale House in Kahului. No problem of over crowd over there, so show up and have a drink!

Ah, there will be a live webcast! They didn't publish the website yet, so stay tuned on the AWT website for that.

Here's a short selection of Jimmie Hepp's shot from this gallery.

It really doesn't matter how many fins Levi has under his board. When one uses the whole lenght of the rail in the bottom turn like he does here, the board will hold even without fins...

KP went for this backloop off the lip attempt. I was looking but not taking photos and I'm glad Jimmie got it because, despite the fact that he went off the back and didn't land it, it was a very impressive move. A sick one.

I love how evertyhing lined up in this shot of a 360 from Kai K.

Camille is on fire.

Beautiful shot of Andres. He's got a Firelight too and seems to be enjoying the super light weight of it. It's the lightest sail on the market. Go try one at Hot Sails Maui you guys... you'll be shocked by how nice it feels in your hands!

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