Monday, October 24, 2011

three sports, photoshoot and work

How did I manage to squeeze all that in my day today, it's a bit of a mystery even for me.

The photoshoot was only 30 minutes long, but thanks to the beautiful waves and the amazing skill of the sailors I got some decent shots. Don't have a favorite, let's start with this view of a wave at Pavillion with a sizey one on the background at turtle bay.

Browzinho 360.

Browsinho goiter.

Levi was on the wave behind and saw Browzinho's goiter. Of course, he had to go higher... nah, these guys are not competitive at all...
Notice how Levi is back on single fins. "That'll throw quite a few people off", commented Kevin Pritchard in a short chat we had today.

Fabrice Beaux gives us his interpretation of the move in this extremely overexposed shot (still not convinced about this camera).

And Mark Angulo (who invented it back in the days... the move, not the camera) goes for a "simple" aerial.

Keith Teboul joins in.


The piece of lip just destroyed by Browsinho is still up in the air.

Mark aerial wave 360.

Victor Fernandez is in town. It's like April here.

Victor 360.

It was smaller than yesterday, but still some bombs.


Anonymous said...

Mark air 360 - one hand......sick...

Levi really only on single fins right now?

cammar said...

Even if you ask him, I don't think he would have an answer. These guys are always testing and part of the testing sometimes is to go back to the starting point. Time will tell...